Rose Quartz – A Gemstone of Incorruptibility


Rose quartz is the gemstone that opens the Heart to divine love, the quality of the Mother’s Embrace that allows us to receive ever greater support from life. It brings gentleness and soothing, calms the mind, and is good for releasing tension in body as well as for emotional healing.

Rose Quartz
is also the gemstone for the restoration of powerful magic to man, and is therefore a very timely gemstone to connect with. Read about its evolution in the past three years, below.

We offer several options here, but much more as separately listed products, and through the Fountain of Plenitude Activation Programs. Search on Rose Quartz to get the full offerings.

In celebration of our launch, all purchases of Rose Quartz of $10 or more come with a small 2ml sample of the alchemical oil, Eternal Love, that captures the Mother’s Embrace in a bottle!


Rose quartz is the gemstone that opens the Heart to divine love. When the Heart is pure and open, it creates a resonant entrainment field that magnetizes a reality in sync with the Heart’s desires, and elevates all life in its presence. With an open Heart free of past injuries, the Heart activates at its core depth, with Heart Energies gifted by the Infinite Mother. Life then becomes much more graceful and synchronistic as the body becomes tensionless.

Rose Quartz is one of the gemstones to open to Mother’s Embrace and full support. It brings gentleness. soothes and calms, and is good or releasing tension in body as well as for emotional healing, to be able to see past injuries, to the potential that has been held back and now awaits your engagement.   The frequencies of the gemstone can fill with divine love, places within where we have suppressed presence, which assists with self-assimilation back to wholeness. Placing blessed Rose Quartz stones of hearts on body locations of pain (suppressed areas) can assist with this.  It is a good choice to have in your child’s room too, as it radiates soothing, calming energies of love.

Rose Quartz is also the gemstone for the restoration of powerful magic to man, and having a Rose Quartz sphere in the place where you do your ceremonies is most powerful.  This can be greatly enhanced by doing the ceremonies to activate the centers of magic along the spine. (These include the gemstone ceremony to activate the crystals along spine and in joints, the ceremony to activate the spine through 24 aphorisms, and the activation of the full 24 chakras of magical manifestation. You can find all this on the website — email if you need help.)

Rose Quartz has a very powerful role in transmuting negative emotions, and should be worn daily to prevent emotional manipulation through hostile electromagnetic frequencies and radiation broadcast by cell towers and other destructive manmade devices. The airwaves are polluted with distorting frequencies that cause (low-level) fear and anxiety in people, and keep the bodies tense. Rose Quartz modulates the waveforms of distorted emotion into those of love. All children can benefit by having a Rose Quartz heart — in their pockets, or sewn into a jacket or favorite stuffed animal or doll. A small sphere on the bedstand is also a good option.

How Rose Quartz Attained Its State of Immortality and Incorruptibility

We began working with the Rose Quartz gemstone about 3 years ago, through a facial protocol with the Rose Quartz facial roller kit to establish regeneration through the meridians of the body. The rollers were blessed by the Seer, along with heart guasha pieces, and the overall effect was to erase the stories of pain and struggle that interfered with a true sense of emerging self. Through the blessing, am major point on the body was opened up, that enabled Head and Heart to communicate and move in sync with higher manifestation of the Heart’s desires.

The state of regeneration is the normal state of an awakened Master on earth, who is able to operating in life as a revolving door for all life to purify through the inclusive, open Heart.  Regeneration in body produces perpetual flourishing and generativity in our lives, and the more we awaken, the more we act as proxy for all life.

This program was later named Fountain of Plenitude part 1, and part 2 followed.

In Part 2, the focus was on clearing imprints of trauma and abuse in tissues and cells in body, and in all places where memory (frequency) is stored, so that we could attune to the greater Self emerging and bring deeper fluid renewal in body. This was done with a Rose Quartz Yoni Egg kit (RQ heart pieces for men) and again, the tools were blessed by the Seer to fulfill the full extent of the intentions. Power Sigils were accessed by the Seer to support the process of creating a new blueprint for countenance and embodiment, so that it matched the reality of our greater Self emerging — refocusing to the deeper truth of our being that transcended the stories of separation.  Each program where many evolved beings worked with the activated Rose Quartz tools that held and amplified the many power sigils, caused the gemstone to awaken.

With each program in which the Seer activated the Rose Quartz tool. the gemstone was integrating more and more power. With FoP Part 3, we worked to activate the meridians through an ancient ceremony received by Almine years ago. It turns out that this opened up portals to powerfully bridge inner and outer realities, closing the gap between potential and actualization…between the masculine and feminine aspects of being. Part 3 included a Rose Quartz Body Skin Activator Tool that opened up the gates of limitless in the body, and also cleared the layer of unprocessed density under the skin.  And it culminated with a most powerful Rose Quartz Tool to re-member our origins beyond space and time, and embody our divine mission as awakening masters. The Rose Quartz Veil process and ceremony is the most advanced alchemical Tool that I have ever experienced. As soon as Almine blessed the RQ Veils (about 2 years ago), I could feel it as the holiest power object in my possession, and I have meditated ‘under the Veil’ daily ever since. It is the tool to awaken and evolve the Song of Self to directly sing the DNA into activation.  It establishes the true body in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness. You can read about the Rose Quartz Veil product elsewhere, but all this to explain how the Rose Quartz gemstone has massively awakened over the past 3 years.

On July 9th as the Seer was blessing my stock of Elite Shungite, it was revealed to Almine that both Shungite and Rose Quartz had just that day merged their light bodies with their physical bodies, being the first gemstones to express in incorruptible, aware, holy Matter, capable to receiving and actualizing the Infinite Mother’s Intent directly in the physical. The Keepers of these gemstones are both Immortal beings of incorruptibility, through which Divine Will is manifested on the planet.   When the whole gemstone Kingdom reaches this state of fluid embodiment, all life will change dramatically.

Our Offerings in Rose Quartz

It is with great reverence, that we invite you to work with all the gemstones you feel inspired to, but Rose Quartz is one you will want to have in your space.

We offer the full Fountain of Plenitude Rose Quartz tools, which you can read about on the main page for those programs, and purchase through the programs or dedicated products.  Here we have the additional we carry Rose Quartz tumbled stones, rounded hearts to carry in pocket, place in pillowcase for dreamtime magic, or in a child’s doll, flat hearts, and spheres of varying sizes. All pieces have been blessed and alchemically activated by the Seer, and they come with a power stack to keep your gemstones pristine and at optimal potency.

For the Rose Quartz massage and point activator mushrooms, the Heart guasha pieces, and the Body Skin Activator , search the shop with the ‘Rose Quartz’ tag.

Other offerings are beaded bracelets, heart-shaped children’s bracelet, 108 Mala beads, and pendants.  These will be added to the shop in time!


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Small Flat Heart, Rounded Heart, Massage Mushroom, Guasha Heart, Tumbled stones (set of 3), Sphere {sm}, Sphere {med}, Sphere (lg), Beaded Bracelet (6mm), Children's heart beads, RQ Pendant, RQ necklace (4mm beads)


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