Clearing the 12 Programs That Allow for Subliminal Mind Control and Nanotechnology


In this product, you will receive the alchemical support to clear the 12 primary programs that allow for mind control and infiltration by artificial life. You will get:

** An alchemical video to clear the  mind control and nanotechnology (received by the Seer Almine (1))
** The 12 Programs to clear:

  • PDF and audio meditation to clear the 12 programs that allow infiltration
  • PDF and audio meditation of affirmations to support freedom from programs

Upon purchase, you’ll receive a pdf with all the materials. Read more about it, below.

(1) The Book of Star Transmissions, Almine,


Duality that does not recognize interconnectedness creates separation, which is alien to our being. Life on earth for all inhabitants was intended to be one of flourishment, but the tones of the elements were stripped away, which led to man’s enslavement.  All of this is changing now, and recent cosmic changes point to liberation from nefarious agendas that have plagued mankind for ages.

Living in ways that are alien to one’s nature is what allows interference from things outside of our reality. Surface mind can then be manipulated and the subconscious, where the power lies, can be programmed.

It is time to cease all collusion with the unreal, as that causes breakages in the DNA and prevents us from expressing the full power of our boundless being. Lies cause subliminal dissonance that erode vitality, whereas truth and beauty have the opposite effect.

Becoming Cause and no Longer an Effect

Our lack of confidence and sense of being an effect and not the cause of life is what has enabled infiltration by control programs and what is artificial. In releasing these 12 primary programs we will grow in self-confidence in our ability to establish in a life that supports our true dreams.

The first steps on the path of greater awakening, therefore, is to leave the collective lower reality behind, which requires that we shed programmed beliefs that have us trapped in limitation. Thinking we know and attempting to impose our beliefs invites artificial life. We embrace limitlessness by releasing imprisoning beliefs, and in so doing, we will experience the boundless resourcefulness of our being…

This product supports the clearing of allowances for mind control, and helps bring in higher principles so that we can lift ourselves out of density that has imprisoned us. It is time to reclaim our planet and attune to the new Earth in all Her glory.  As we clear the inner separation and find home within, so too will our home be restored without.



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