Azeztulite – Gemstone for the Divine Feminine in Expression (Goddess Archetypes) 

Gemstone of the Divine Feminine and the qualities of the Goddess Archetypes

Azeztulite is a most powerful gemstone, according to the Seer, that embodies the essence of the feminine that dwells in the ‘black light’ reality (soul). She has recommended its use to support with embodying the qualities of the goddesses. (See the Goddess Archetypes of the True Divine Feminine).  The Seer notes that Inner Space is the domain of the psyche’s feminine aspects. Azeztulite is the gemstone to activate the power to manifest from depth of inner space. (1)

Embracing the Beauty of Creation Through Omnisensory Perception

Azeztulite is the last gemstone crystal in a most exquisite alchemical equation of thirty-six components–its quality added to the alchemical power is “Embracing the beauty of creation with inner and outer senses“.  Beauty in form comes from the feminine, and the inner senses (feminine) number 288.  The Seer has likened inspiration from Source experienced by the inner senses as ‘the strings of an instrument being plucked by the Master Harpist‘.   Inspiration ripples through inner space, activating the inner senses to produce songs that shape form — how we feel in inner space is what is emerging in our reality. Azeztulite is the gemstone that flows these creational frequencies to unite with the outer senses, so that what we feel, comes into being.

The Inextinguishable ‘Nameless’ Light…

From beautiful reference material, Azeztulite has been described as follows:

This light is inextinguishable and will shine for the user through all events and conditions. The energy of the stone shows no negativity or even neutrality — it is a positive stone, and, one of four stones, recognized to-date, of the mineral kingdom which never needs cleansing or energizing (it appears to have a connective cord to the infinite supply of energy from a very loving spot).” (2)

Azeztulite is considered a gemstone that elevates consciousness, activates all the chakras, and brings great illumination to the body’s cells. It is interesting that such a gemstone would the one for the feminine, which is the black light reality of the soul. But if you consider that the ascension of consciousness is no longer ‘out of body’, but is to take place in the body, by activating the light within, then we see that indeed Azeztulite is a gemstone to manifest in the new reality.

I have found clear Satyaloka (India) azeztulite stones and beads, as well as a dark version in the beads (known as black azeztulite though it is similar to smoky quartz in appearance). They are quartz-like, and come in several stone formations and various colors, but what has distinguished Azeztulite most from Quartz is that its holds the feminine pole of light, while Quartz holds the masculine, formative pole of light. The activated Quartz is refining and becoming the embodiment of Tonal Luminosity that reveals truth, the awakened Azeztulite illuminates life through revealing the feminine aspect of the creational equation. It is the light that cannot be seen but only felt. It has the power to illuminate from within, and is a gemstone to support manifesting in the real, through fluid, incorruptible Matter.

 As the Seer has shared, it is our task now to spiritualize matter to become holy, aware, and incorruptible Matter. Aware Matter is matter that contains its own light, and is highly responsive to aligned intent.  When the body has become a fluid field of tonal luminosity ( frequency and light that are inseparable from one another), we are on our way to reaching the first level of immortality in which the body and soul express indivisibly and physical death has been overcome.

Azeztulite has been called the “Nameless Light” or the “Black Light”, which is ‘refined light’ that must be felt…seen with the inner sight. In Tonal Luminosity, the refined light that is backed by equal depth of frequency is not polarizing as is electrical light, but rather it radiates and illuminates everything around it, lifting life up into higher harmonics as illusion falls away. In this regard, the light we emanate casts no shadow, and all shadow dissolves in it warming presence.

And from this context, it becomes clear why a gemstone of the inner light would be the one most resonant to the qualities of the Divine Feminine and the goddess archetypes, as we are manifesting from the body that has become a field of tonal luminosity, where the darkest density has been transmuted into beautiful potentials waiting to emerge.  We are mastering life and the realm of light, from the realm of soul/death and black light.

A Gemstone that Broadcasts our Intent to Elicit a Supportive Response from the Environment

Through the angelgod of Azeztulite, invoked by the Seer, we are told that Azeztulite enables intuitive knowing to take place at all levels of reality. So it is a stone that has inter-dimensional influence. The angelgod gave a process for powerful manifestation with this gemstone, which is shared with information on the Power Sigil when you purchase the gemstone from this website. Azeztulite also acts as a bridge of communication between other gemstones, and so is the perfect stone to add to healing/clearing/activating grids using Gemstone Alchemy. It is highly sensitive to broadcasting intent, and is like a microphone that elicits a supportive response from the environment. So wearing the gemstones necessitates that we be conscious of our intentions at all times.

Awakening Life to Its Inner Power of Source

From the Book of Stones, “White Azeztulite should be placed in power spots and other key places all over the globe. As the original stone of the Nameless Light, it has the capacity to awaken other stones to its energies. and to facilitate the awakening of the Earth’s Light Body.”(3)

For those following the work of the Seer, a beautiful ceremony could combine Power Sigils (PSs) for various nations placed on a map of the world, with Azeztulite stones over the Power Sigils for the various nations. You would then call the angelgods identified, read the qualities of the PS, and activate the tones in you, as you serve as a proxy for that nation on earth. All this, in support of awakening the planet to the Divine Feminine.

Azeztulite is a powerful stone to use in meditation, to illuminate areas of occlusions or confusion. You can place it over the Solar Plexus area (the ‘Cauldron of Receptivity’ in body alchemy) and/or the High Heart center, and let the inner, black light illuminate obsolete frequencies or personality patterns, stagnant areas in life, or diseased parts of the body. As you welcome its light in body and fields, you would then focus on the correspondences in your outer reality…where patterns have kept you in mediocrity, lack, self-suppression… Flowing its energies to any parts of the body or areas of life helps purify and connect them back to Source through illuminating Presence. It can be used to activate the chakras, and purify the 13 joints of the body to open up on all dimensional fields. Connecting inner to outer manifestation is how to optimize use of this gemstone, as its function is to coordinate one’s inner and outer space to move in sync.

A Gemstone of the Higher Chakras

Azeztulite works mostly with the higher chakras — 3rd eye and Crown, but even more with the chakras of the etheric (inner space) beyond the reality of form (8-12), which causes us to manifest from formless form…from the dynamic balance and harmonious union of the true masculine and feminine aspects of our being. These chakras activate when we have cleared soul karma, are in pristine dreamtime, live the qualities and manifestation powers of the goddess archetypes, and have become our own source of sustenance through activating the 8 extraordinary meridians as the ‘miraculous flows of Source’. (4)

The black Azeztulite may be considered the ‘light within the darkness’, or the light that illuminates the places that have been in obscurity. It is said to bring in the memory of one’s divinity, taking us into a timeless existence that is the soul’s domain. It works deeply in body purification, which supports the union of body and soul, and is a good gemstone overall to deepen in inner space.

In the Gemstone Alchemy processes given by the Seer, Azeztulite is a powerful stone to use in manifestation ceremonies.

And very importantly, it can be worn or placed in ones space (over its Power Sigil) when working to embody the Goddess Archetypes to manifest a life of inspired alignment with Source, where our ‘outer’ reality becomes a holographic ‘canvas’ created in inner space.  You can use the gemstone to enhance the meditation exercises with the Goddess Archetypes, and place it on the locations where you apply the alchemical oils of the goddesses. The gemstone can also be worn as a beaded necklace or bracelet. (See the products on the shop).

Please note: It is the time to work with gemstone alchemy to restore the pristine tones of the gemstones and awaken them to their higher function in support of accelerated body evolution that is synchronized with Earth evolution. We are taking back the Earth our Home, and the kingdom to assist matter to become spiritualized, aware, holy Matter is the Gemstone Kingdom. Gemstones also hold the power to open up spaces on Earth, for higher realities to emerge (which is the definition of a miracle). So if you are feeling the call to work with these beautiful stones and their Guardians, and to uncover their deeper mysteries and hidden powers, we encourage you to explore the offerings on this website that is devoted to High Alchemy!


(1) From correspondence with the Seer Almine. (

(2) Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals: The Metaphysical Properties of the Mineral Kingdom” written by Melody, a mathematician who is said to have channeled the info.

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(4) See the program on activating the higher chakras (8-12) on the website. This is from new information and alchemy received by the Seer in 2023.