Gemstone Alchemy to Enhance Communication with the Infinite Through the Night – 5 Minds and Spine Clearing

This gemstone alchemy protocol is one of several given by the Seer Almine. Its power is primarily to refurbish the cells and repair the telomeres of the DNA, to support fuller DNA expression. Damaged DNA becomes a static structure, whereas boundless capacities and potentials are ours when the DNA becomes a Fountain of Infinite Blessings…

The process of the 5-minds activation and Spine Clearing has many effects in support of this, each of which is beneficial on its own.

One such effect is to keep our space pristine and free of interference through the night, so that we may optimize the dream time as a time of profound healing and evolving through communion with Source.

One of the intentions of this process, was to create a nighttime environment conducive to reaching deeper brainwaves states for body healing and release of distortions. One effect of the constant bombardment through hostile waveforms is that sleep is kept shallow and in soul matrices, and the body repair phase is never reached. If you often wake up in the morning tired rather than rested and inspired, this is likely why.

The other main intention was to keep pristine and unprogrammed, the crystals in the brain that are targeted by ‘smart’ devices. Crystals in the brain are programmable, and much of this happens at night. So the intention was to connect us deeply to the Infinite’s communication through the night, from all levels of the mind.

As usual, Almine always brings in far more, and this nighttime Gemstone Alchemy process is no exception.

The process utilizes three gemstones and emphasizes functions so that the overall effect produces leveraged results.

Quartz crystal works on the crystals of the brain, keeping them receptive to tonal luminosity and free of programing by interference from various means of infiltration. It has so many profound functions, for example, it assists in embodying tonal luminosity that dissolves the unreal. From this level of clarity, we may hear Infinite Intent more clearly through the symbolism of our dreams. Quartz bridges inner and outer space, and supports fluid transitions between the two realities, so the dream messages will become insights during the day. Quartz clusters, spheres, or elestial quartz are good for this.

Rose Quartz modulates the waveforms in our emotional field, turning fear-based ones into waveforms of love, which enables us to reach deeper brainwave states in sleep, namely the theta and delta brainwaves of body healing and access to boundless potential in total oneness. In a cocoon of waveforms of love, we move past soul matrices, and into the Ocean of Oneness in our sleep time, where we may release emotional debris and repair and lighten the body. (In particular, as explained, the alchemy supports the refurbishing of damaged cells in the body and broken telomeres (from DNA damage)).

Citrine embodies the lifegiving light of the sun, acting as a holy grail that brings vitality and lifeforce to those who walk in reverence and gratitude. Citrine also assists the unimpeded flow of electricity in the body. Electricity flow is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think, feel, and sense, based on input from all systems. The more unhindered is the flow, the more clarity, the more our path is illuminated. The sacred stone is particularly helpful in healing blockages in the spine and subluxations of the vertebrae, and so is beneficial to the activation of the ‘New Spine’ and its centers of magic that merge inner and outer reality into a seamless, indivisible experience.

The gemstone trio create a powerful triangulation for a higher reality to enter into the current one.

  • Quartz pertains to ‘Head’ or Spirit
  • Rose Quartz activates the Heart/Soul level
  • Citrine works on the Body level

The many benefits include:

  • Refurbishing of cells and repair of the telomeres of the DNA.
  • Purification and transmutation of emotions through the night.
  • Reaching depth of Oneness through the entrainment field of love – access point to the source of inspiration.
  • Repair of the blockages in the spine (that cut us off from our magic), and enhanced flow of vitalizing living light through the New Spine (merged spine and pranic tube)
  • Activation of the 5 Minds and living from the One Eternal Mind, through which we dwell in a timeless existence and flow higher resolutions for life.
  • The peace of surrendered trust in clear guidance and inspiration from Source.
  • Enhanced telepathic communication by having the brain crystals receive only messages from Source.
  • Evolving the body to be the perfect bio-conducive technology, capable of downstepping Infinite Intent to all levels of life.
  • Remembering the truth of who you are and the true history of Earth evolution, which enhances discernment what is real and what is unreal and no longer be deceived.

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