While the shapes of gemstones and crystals doesn’t change the qualities they emit, it does have an impact on the way their energy is emitted and received. A point can direct the crystal’s energy into body centers or acupuncture points, for example, while a sphere has a more diffuse effect, as it radiates frequencies in all directions.

1. Clusters

A cluster is two or more crystal points in their natural rock. The power in clusters is that the tones or frequencies of the points vibrate together, producing harmonic resonant ‘tones ‘melodies’ that can be greater than the sum of the parts. They harmonize and alchemize. They can be given the function, through intention, to harmonize people in the spaces they are placed in, in specific ways depending on the underlying qualities of the gemstone. Not all gemstones have cluster formations, but most quartz-type crystals do (amethyst, citrine, are good examples).

In Space Clearing, they can be placed in the 4 corners with intention to support fluid cooperative harmony with your environment and community, for example. Quartz clusters are most perfect to amplify ‘power stacks’ (set of power sigils) that are set up to create ‘power spots’ in your home, or used in sacred rituals. You would set intent also based on the type of cluster you are using. Follow the link provided to read about gemstone qualities to be activated through Gemstone Alchemy.

2. Spheres

In general spheres radiate energy to or absorb from all directions. For example, a quartz sphere will amplify the qualities it holds in all directions, while selenite will absorb hostile and distorted frequencies from all directions, as that is its function.

Gemstone or crystal spheres that amplify what you intend are the best ones for use on Power Stacks (stacks of Power Sigils) or Power Wheels, as they will ray out the power in all directions, imbuing the space with those frequencies and refined light. Almine recommended clear or smoky quartz and malachite for this purpose.

Spheres remind us of wholeness or oneness, and so their power extends in all directions. Because of this, they are the best shape for doing healing work by proxy for all life.

Spheres are also ideal for enhancing the power of a sacred altar, or your ceremony space. A rose quartz sphere can increase the power of magic, an amethyst sphere can help ray out what you do as a gift to the hidden realms, or to receive their support; while quartz spheres can amplify the power of what you do to ripple out to the planet.

Small spheres in the palms of the hands are great to meditate with to enhance the qualities of the gemstone as simultaneous giving and receiving. For example, amazonite spheres can enhance the inseparability of giving and receiving communication with Source, so that all your interactions in life are between you and Source, and you hear only the One speaking to you through the players in your life.

Spheres also feel great in massage, where the sphere is rolled over tense muscles, along the body’s meridians, or along the spine, etc. Use the qualities of the gemstones given in the link to see inspires you, but rolling the sphere along the spine with clear intent can be very powerful.

3. Crystal/Gemstone Pyramids, Towers and Points

Crystal pyramids are said to be powerful for manifesting your desires. They have a base that can be the foundation to hold your intentions, and the apex of the pyramid sends the intention out to your higher dimensional selves. That is one way of utilizing the shape. Tall pyramids are also called towers, and short ones are crystal points.

You can write your intentions out and clear up neediness or will imposition on life. When intentions are clear and pure, you enter into the state of being your desires fulfilled, and that internal shift you transmit to the pyramid as your alchemical contribution.

Write you intentions as statements of being, willingness, openness, readiness…and place it under the pyramid. Then imagine the point sending intention out to your multidimensional selves, as you steep in the new states of being that are resonant to those desires fulfilled. Co-creation is always about making inner shifts to receive and become the source of that which you desire.

The base, whether a three, four, five or six points has different meanings, but all can be used to symbolize an intended space of expression.

You can add layers of intent for your intended space, by assigning the facets different qualities that harmonize with the gemstone’s meaning. You can add a power sigil of alchemical wheel under it to further enhance the alchemy.

Pyramids can also be used to direct the energy to parts of the body, body centers, organs, or acupuncture points.

4. Tumbled stones

Tumbled stones are a very practical way to carry the gemstone alchemy around with you. They can be used on their own, and placed in purse or pocket so that you are assisted to live certain qualities during the day.

A powerful way to use them is to pick two or more randomly each day, and feel into the main qualities of each, then in pairs, until you get a quality that is the leveraged alchemy of the pairs of qualities. Doing it with a pair is easiest, but a triad is very good too, and you can use it to create a ‘space’ of expression for the day. A gemstone pouch is great for this, and you can place a laminated Crystal and Gemstone Power sigil in it, along with other specific power sigils to work with the gemstones’ qualities.

You can place them in your pillowcase and ask to be carried along in their frequencies through your dreamtime, with intention to have them activate at deep levels of the subconscious, welcoming things to flush up for resolution and clarity in the morning.

Gemstone kits of tumbled stones are available for the seven main chakras currently. Other kits may eventually be created for the meridians, goddess archetypes, to open up the joints of the body, the sub-personalities, and more.

5. Palmstones

Palmstones are large oval polished stones used for meditation, energy support, or healing. Meditating with the palmstone held in your hand is a wonderful process. The palms are part of the 24 chakra system of magical manifestation.

When the body is activated to manifest the true desires of the Heart, then through the palms, we create the opportunities for simultaneous giving and receiving. A wonderful meditation is to choose palmstones to qualify giving (right hand) adn receiving (left hand), and feel how as they pulse, giving and receiving become one indivisible energy.

Palmstones also rest easily on the body, and can be placed on body centers to bring in their qualities and gifts. The spine has energy centers at each vertebrae, and placing palmstones along the base, mingmen center, back of heart and atlas joint can be vere expansive.

A stone can be placed in your pillowcase at night and intentions set to enhance dreamtime. Apatite is a lucid dreaming stone, and Apatite palmstones are perfect to enhance this ability in sleep, and in the waking state. Holding palmstones in your hands upon falling asleep is also something worth exploring.

6. Raw Crystal in a Matrix Stone

Raw crystals can grow embedded in a rock or mineral. The host rock attached to the crystal is called a matrix. Crystals in their matrix are closest to their natural form, and this has the advantage that the natural frequencies of the crystal are less disturbed (by cutting, bleaching, etc). The metaphor is also important, and clusters in their matrix are great to use when recognizing the value of transcending the lower to ever greater refined qualities. Then the qualities and power of the crystals can be intended to support transcendence or alchemy of the lower into purified qualities.

In the Space Clearing and Water Magic products, we also have available sets of quartz crystals in their matrix.

Clusters embedded in the matrix rock can be placed in rooms with the intention that all programs, lower patterns, negativity and so on, be assisted to transmute to the higher quality of the crystal.

7- Beaded Necklaces & Pendants

Crystal and gemstone beaded necklaces and pendants are a great way to be immersed in the vibe of a gemstone throughout the day (and night if you keep it on at night).

Alchemically activated pendants are offered in the Gemstone Alchemy products and they work to activate dormant tones in the body that open the wearer to receiving the profound support from the Earth’s Mineral Kingdom that is an alchemy of refined light and frequency, and fluid matter.

Some of the pendants created combine a gemstone beaded necklace with a stone, and they work in the manner of having a ‘base note’ or tone, supporting the ‘top note’ or tone of the featured stone. The selection of the gemstone beads for the pendant and the featured stone is based on the harmony of their tones. As they are paired in this manner, they will pulse their tones to produce leveraged power.

Some pendants have more than two gemstones, and again, the blend forms alchemical equations that have enhanced powers when the wearer engages in the alchemy.

And others are enhanced as power objects to support activation of centers in the body. For example the Azeztulite clear and smoky beaded necklaces and bracelets activate the Divine Feminine–the 13 goddess archetypes to master living from inner space–place of inexhaustible resources. The Malachite ones enhance living from the ascension attitudes, and are perfect to empower ease in manifesting a real environment that supports the dreams of the Heart. The Amber selections assist in living from depth of soul, in purity and innocence such that nothing harmful can remain in your auric space (and much more).. And the selection in rutilated quartz amplify living the sacredness of matter beyond the polarized atomic reality, in the reality of of pure awareness where light and frequency are inseparable.

Instructions on how to work with the alchemy of the pendants and keep them charged up is given on the pendant product page, and you will find that you personal connection to the gemstone will deepen as you wear them over time.

Gemstone pendants may be the most versatile way to work with gemstone alchemy. When not wearing a pendant (you can’t wear them all at the same time!), you can place it on your sacred alter to work its magic into specific areas of your life or support loved ones. You can also use pendants in healing sessions, curling it up and placing it over chakras, body centers, areas of tension, along the spine, on the portals of the joints, and so on.

They also work beautifully with certain Fragrance Alchemy oils that are in deep resonance to their tones. All this is discussed on the page dedicated to gemstone pendants.

8. Eggs

Eggs are a symbol of new beginnings, and crystal eggs can be place in the home as a vibrational symbol for new beginnings. You can use them with certain Power Sigils (1) to augment their properties. For example, a malachite egg on the power sigil to strengthen the power of attitudes to change reality, can be placed in a room where family gathers, with intention that new dynamics in relationship be birthed through attitudes, in support of higher harmonies between family members. A Jade egg could similarly serve, with the focus on peace and harmony on a power sigil of peace. Eggs can be placed on a ceremonial altar to support qualities that will be part of the alchemy. You can place a picture of a loved one, and place a gemstone egg on top, and set intent for new beginnings in their life — for example a Carnelian egg could be place to support heart opening; a Rose Quartz to clear fear and anxiety; or Onyx to support new visions for life.

Eggs can also be used for acupressure and massage. And they can be used as yoni eggs to heal sexual distortions and trauma from past events. The Rose Quartz yoni egg kit blessed by the Seer serves to clear past trauma and abuse from the sexual/procreative center that is the power center for manifesting new reality. Visit the Rose Quartz activation programs for more details.

(1) All Power Sigils are received by the Seer Almine,.and are power objects in their own right. Combined with gemstones — many of which have been activated by their own power sigils — you can create power objects in the various rooms in your home.