The 12 Gemstone Crystal Triangulations to Open Up Spaces for Higher Reality

A new Gemstone Alchemy protocol is here

Gemstone Alchemy is the alchemy of Light, Frequency, and Matter, which is how we are to spiritualize matter, so that it becomes fluid, aware, incorruptible, holy Matter. We express a New Earth from the bottom up and top down simultaneously. As above, so below, and as below so above….there is no more hierarchy, as ascension is now in the body.

We know that our goal is to merge Soul and Body (dream and awake states, death and life, feminine and masculine), and into this alchemical union Spirit flashes in to animate life from the deeper dimensional Selves that we access through the activation of the higher chakras. Everything is in place for a massive leap in consciousness, and the Academy of Alchemy is devoted to making all the Tools available at this time…Everything is be found within, and when this realization is fully grasped, we become the source of all of our desires and needs.

Gemstones are awakening as portals to ‘infinity below’. They hold geometric forms that shape the things in the material world — these are expressed in alignment with the creational codes of the universe when the lightbearers live their pristine qualities of integrated oneness. The qualities lived becomes the Song of Self, that pours out of the Heart and the cells of our bodies. As we establish a life in self-sovereign pristine space, to it is on the Earth, through the power of the activated gemstones.

Shapes arise through tone — the Song of Self — and they convey consciousness. Through gemstone qualities activated in our bodies, our Song of Self shapes reality anew, such that all we manifest is imbued with Infinite Intent. The very things we manifest in our lives become ‘receptors’ of Infinite Intent of multiple dimensions of reality. This emphasizes what is true and life-enhancing, and the Ray of Truth will activate on the planet to raise life to a higher order beyond the artificial reality that has overtaken human minds, and the gemstones play a vital role in this.

Consider that everything that is real is Consciousness, and Consciousness is all there is…. and Consciousness is the Creator. Everything in our true bodies as fluid fields is consciousness — a blood cell is a mini tube torus, a vertebrae is a crystal, the joints are portals to all dimensions of reality, hair are receptors to Infinite Intent, and on and on it goes. With gemstone alchemy, we activate crystalline structures in the body, and as we emphasize qualities in deliberate manifestation of the quality of our day, and we do ceremony to bring in higher potentials in life, these create fluid geometric shapes that have resonance in the Mineral Kingdom — the Body of the Earth. In resonant harmony, the gemstones too open up space for higher reality to emerge on the planet.

Consciousness is all that is, and it is the Creator, and it creates blueprints or shapes that are messengers of Infinite Intent. We activate all this in our bodies, and through Tonal Luminosity it emanates all around us, permeating fluid Matter with Infinite Intent…

The Process

This Gemstone Alchemy process is a simple and profound practice to open up ‘spaces of Hope’ to optimize the quality of the day, support healing in clients or loved ones, focus qualities to rearrange life circumstances, etc.

It can be done with or without the actual gemstones, but of course working with them in the physical is more powerful, and it allows for a personal relationship to form between you and the gemstones. We offer many of the gemstones — some as ‘wearable triangulations’ –, and many of them have their own Power Sigils and there are more to come.

The first step is to support the crystalline body, and with this process, you get the ceremony of the 36 gemstones to activate the crystals in spine and joints. But other practices to support the formation of the fluid crystalline body include the Qi Vesta ~ Breath of the Divine divination process, and the Urusak Water Alchemy device. You can read about these on the website (more coming soon).

The 36 Gemstone Crystal Activations

From the 36 Gemstone Crystal Activations, body centers come online that enable us to live in integrated oneness, as the ‘Bridge of Reconciliation’ through which the gap of cause and effect closes.

  • Think of ’cause’ as pure consciousness that animates and births life — it is organic and the power of the ever new and unpredictable.
  • Think of ‘effect’ as being the shapes in the material world…these are all based on geometries found in the gemstones…

‘Cause’ creates and animates the ‘effects’, and all this must be activated in the body of co-creators of life, in order that the outer environment respond to our ever refining inner world.

The Gemstone Qualities and Attitudes are ones that support us to no longer over-polarize in the masculine reality of the known, through judgment, preference, or attachment to outcome. When polarities are no longer oppositional, but rather are emphases of expression, space becomes fluid and responsive to our focused attention and intent.

These Qualities open the portal between the masculine reality of form and the feminine’s one of formlessness that has 9/10th of the manifestation power. Manifesting from over-polarization is self-depleting and cause of linear time, aging, and eventual death. Manifesting from the place of integrated oneneness, on the other hand, is self-regenerating and generative for all life. As a first benefit, when we manifest in openness to life ever new, longevity and vitality increase.

The equation of the 36 activations cause us to become the Bridge of No Space, which means we have the power to conjure spaces to receive the higher potentials we are inspired to bring forth as new expression. This results in life fluidly morphing according to our intention, in the moment. Free of attachment to anything external to us, and engaged creatively in shaping our life, our environment becomes ever new with our being as central expressor.

This alchemical process is a profound one where we hone the capacity to create fluid spaces for higher realities to emerge, as we embark on the path of ushering life into the Dream of the Infinite. The triangulations are profound, and done daily they will accelerate the body in becoming a fluid field of Tonal Luminosity, and support our reality to become a pristine vehicle to move through time and space beyond all matrices.

Your Refining Life as Proxy for Life on the Planet

The beauty of this process is that as you triangulate and live daily spaces of hope, not only do you open up spaces for higher opportunities in your personal life, but as proxy, spaces open up for higher reality on the planet. The angelgod invoked for this protocol is empowered to replicate macrocosmically, what you achieve in your life microcosmically.

Another effect is that the DNA heals and activates as a fountain of perpetual blessings of higher capabilities. The ‘junk DNA’ is really a surging ‘ocean’ of fluid geometries as potentials for higher life, and the triangulations are the receptive spaces for these potentials to emerge through our evolving being.

The alchemy utilizes 36 gemstones ideally (or their qualities if missing some gemstones), and the Power Source for the process restores the Song of the individual gemstones in the triangulation. As the Song of the gemstones is restored on the Earth, the earth’s inhabitants will experience safety, support, and overall wellbeing.

Prerequisite & Recommendation

The alchemy requires that you have activated the 36 gemstone crystals in the body, from the ceremony in the basic Gemstone Alchemy program, Activating the Gemstone Qualities and Attitudes to Merge the Realities of Masculine and Feminine.

A recommendation is to also set up the Gemstone Alchemy to Enhance Communication with the Infinite Through the Night ~ 5 Minds and Spine Clearing.

Fragrance Alchemy oils are also recommended: Crystal Waters (Power of all Gemstones), and Focused Light (Power of Citrine to clear blockages in the spine that interfere with our power to manifest), and The Marriage of Light & Love (enhances the capacity in body to be filled with the refined light of our dimensional selves, greatly increasing our perception and power).

And as mentioned above, as a student of High Alchemy you may want to look at doing the Qi Vesta and working with the Urusak Water Device (more information coming soon).