The 24 Holy Quartz Crystals Alchemy

Gemstones hold the keys to merging inner and outer space, and that is why their qualities have been safeguarded by gemstone Keepers that are the guardians of deep repositories that can now awaken on the planet.

For the Original Ones and lightworkers to ‘land’ our deeper dimensional selves in physicality, we need the material/physical reality to open to depth of Infinity ‘below’, so that the heart of Matter becomes a window into eternity…a portal into infinity, to match the boundlessness of being.

This is a very real, concrete, and precise alchemy of the material reality that is evolving to encompass the whole…matter is being spiritualized to encompass the whole of creation…to microcosmically hold the macrocosmic levels of reality. It is now “As Below so Above”, and that is how the Sacred Government will establish on the planet, through self-government in our individual lives.   

Gemstone Alchemy is the only alchemy that combines Light, Frequency, and Matter, and through it, Spirit, Soul, and Body merge in indivisible oneness. Gemstone qualities are ones that only express from integrated oneness that has never separated. And as we embody and live these qualities, the body becomes a field of Tonal Luminosity….Incorruptible, Crystalline, White Light–the substance of Infinity out of which realities are birthed.

The Protocol

The 24 Holy Quartz Alchemy Protocol is a newly revised alchemy by the Seer — a 24-equation and 24-wheel process that uses quartz crystals to bring about great refinement to humanity.

The messages of the wheels are profound, and several of them reveal the power of engaging with the gemstone kingdom. One states that when we love gemstones, we evolve them from being self-aware to being aware of others. This means that the gemstone kingdom will release their tonal luminosity into the environment, effectively serving to dissolve illusion and establish truth.

Another says that when we program quartz, we evolve the human brain. The human brain has five crystals in it, which have been used to program and control the masses. As we take up this alchemy, the nefarious control will be overridden, and humanity will feel a new hope and uncover capacities to be sovereign.

The gemstones hold big secrets and powers through which we may learn the Song of Matter and master the material reality that is to contain the Allness.

The gemstones evolve through us, and as they do, humanity will become attuned to Infinite Intent. They will discern the real from the unreal and receive clear guidance on paths of higher destiny, and true history will be restored on the planet. With true history, humanity will no longer feel disempowered, and through new levels of empowerment, the DNA of Pristine Man will heal and activate mankind to new levels of expression.

This Quartz crystal Alchemy has far-reaching consequences, and through its use, earth reality will become increasingly responsive to our intent, and that intent will be elaborated through a responsive, awakening humanity that will be inspired with new hope. The gemstone qualities, lived by lightworkers is the hope of a New Earth.

The gemstone qualities and activated powers hold the keys to interconnectedness restored, to free energy on the planet, to communicating the laws of manifestation in the New Reality — the true Dream of the Infinite that we establish through our self-communication across all dimensions.

This program gives you the alchemical tools, and your part in the awakening of life to new levels of expression will reveal to you uniquely through it. Quartz holds the ancient libraries of humanity’s and earth’s evolution, and through those who take up Gemstone Alchemy, the true history will be uncovered and restored on the planet. When humanity awakens to their rich history of advanced technological capabilities, artificial intelligence will be mastered to serve life and not the other way around.

The Choice of Activating Inner Body Technology or Being Enslaved by Outer Technology (AI)

Through Gemstone Alchemy, we develop inner body technology on an upward spiraling evolution, and this becomes a choice in humanity to follow likewise, instead of reliance on external technology and increasing dependence on and enslavement by it.

This is one of several Gemstone Alchemy protocols to evolve Matter to become fluid, aware, and incorruptible, as foundation of hope for a New Earth.  It is a powerful process to evolve life on Earth.

The Many Uses for the Modality

The modality can be used for remote or in-person healing. The process comes with the full alchemical equation and wheels, the instructions on the many ways it can be used, and how to program your own clear quartz crystals to give to clients, set up clearing grids for space or the planet, etc. It is a profound process of High Alchemy, where your embodiment of the qualities of the equation lends potency to the alchemical leveraging possible.

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