Restoring Divine Feminine sacred ritual to daily life to re-establish the reign of the Goddess on the Earth

We are so excited to share with you our beautiful collection of Sacred Ritual tools that herald the joyous return of Divine Feminine magic to this planet, following aeons of forgetfulness where the sacred essence of the Goddess was lost to mankind.

The loss of memory of the Goddess has been the cause of tremendous anguish in all beings on this planet and throughout the cosmos. In our own lives, we keenly feel her absence, and we yearn for a time where the presence of the Mother reverberates through our cells as the knowing of indivisible Oneness. We long to feel her love for us, our own pristine beauty and purity, to see how she beholds our precious faces with unfathomable love, and to intrinsically know how treasured we are – as we did in times long past before the fall into unconsciousness.

You will be most comforted to know that this time is before us, and we can reclaim the priceless gift that is our birthright now…

Every one of these sacred tools is designed to facilitate and restore this connection with the Mother herself, rewire pathways of illumination across all of life, clear the overlays of illusion, and usher us back into the knowledge that we never left her side.

Furthermore, as we do this work ourselves and reclaim the essence of the Divine Feminine fully expressed in form, we do it by proxy for all of life, that a Heaven on Earth reality may be born through us as the privileged Lightbearers and stewards of a whole new time.

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Explore our collection of Sacred Rituals tools & processes below

Magical Manifestation Journal

The miraculous “Song of Self” journal was blessed by the Seer, to commune directly with Mother through every activated page, and convey your wishes for profound healing, liberation and leveraging into the highest dreams of your heart.

We are told that anything we truly want we may have, but the secret is that our true desires come from a Heart in fullness. As we use the sacred journal to communicate our dreams and desires, they will refine until we feel that we have all we desire in the moment. And so your Song of Self fills out, until you become cause of those dreams materializing.

Journal of Fertility of Endeavors

Through the Seer’s blessings, every page of this miraculous journal is alchemically activated as a “Field of Hope that receives the “song” of your desires, and holds your words as “living intent”. It is blessed with an invocation for your journal writing to become a direct line of communication with the Divine Source through which all things manifest, in order that you may align your life with the highest will of Source and receive boundless support for every endeavor.

Rose Quartz Veil – Powerful Tool of Accelerated Evolution

A tool of such power, and yet such simplicity, that it can barely be spoken of in words. Incorporating it as daily meditative practice will bring the deep peace of an empty mind and a body filled with light. It is a ‘device’ for communing with Source, and entering into the higher vibratory state of never having left the side of the Infinite.

It was given the name “The Erenachva Heresvatur“, or the Veil of Endless Beginnings, by the Infinite as Almine blessed the Veils, as meditation ‘under the Veil’ fills the body with living, refined light such that new potentials and resolutions emerge in our awareness. With repeated use, the Rose Quartz Veil process supports embodiment as crystalline capacitors of Infinite Intent. It comes with a most potent Power Stack to dwell in the High Alchemy of Fluid Perpetual Regeneration.

From daily use for over a year, the Merkabic Fields around the body changed, and Almine shared that what was emerging was the Merkaba of the Holy Masters. It is truly a miraculous device for evolving consciousness and body evolution.

We will shortly be sharing much video and written content to discuss the miracles that this gift is capable of producing. For now, click the link above to read more details available on the product page.

Amber Gemstone Alchemy Protocols

More information about this magical process to combine body and soul and restore pristine integrity of sleeping and waking realities is coming soon. For now, click the link above to read more details available on the product page.

Alchemical Rose Quartz Body Activators

More information coming soon. For now, click the link above to read more details available on the product page.

Resin Incense for Sacred Ceremony & Space Clearing

More information coming soon. For now, click the link above to read more details available on the product page.

Alchemical Moxibustion Ceremony, Cvoking the Spirit of Mugwort

Moxibustion is a treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that uses specially processed mugwort to deliver the power of this ancient herb, known as the ‘healing herb’.  Though the moxibustion belt is a relatively new tool used in moxibustion, the burning of moxa or mugwort has been used for thousands of years. The treatment is known to invigorate the blood and move Qi in the body where heat can be of benefit. It is used to expel colds, relieve pain, improve the overall healing process, as well as a preventive therapy. 

Wormwood/Moxa has long been sought for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, and is purported to fight parasite infections and have antioxidation properties that support immune system health.   In TCM teachings, pain is due to blocked Qi, and moxa has been known to restore flow.  Interestingly, from the Seer’s teachings, how this is done is by this herb’s power at restoring frequencies of true presence, where parts of self have been left behind.

Read more details about moxa on the product page, linked below.

Filling the Body with Realness with the Herb of Love

The Seer Almine  received a Mugwort Ceremony some years ago, which has recently been revived due to its relevance for now.

We are evolving the body as a unified field, and for that, all must be brought into the present moment. Where parts of our being are stuck in the past, parts of the body they correspond to are vacant and holograms that fill with the unreal…this causes illness. It is only as parts of the self are assimilated that we may move into wholeness, to a next level of expression, from a body that expresses ‘what we are’. The body in wholeness becomes a fluid. incorruptible crystalline field of coagulated White Light.

Mugwort, and specifically the Ceremony of Mugwort, is very powerful to clear density from the body. It is this most powerful and sacred ceremony that inspired the offering of the moxa product, blending alchemy with this ancient Chinese healing modality. But there are many other protocols to do with the mugwort/moxa, so it was the most natural thing to offer as part of rituals of sacred alchemy for body evolution.

Burning moxa is safer and easier than is burning a mugwort smudge stick if you are going to hold it over parts of the body, as we do in the ceremony and suggested protocols. While you do not need the ceremony to benefit from the healing power of mugwort/moxa, having it is of great benefit to those seeking to accelerate body evolution through alchemy.

The Spirit of Mugwort Speaks…

“The body will hold onto memories long gone
It will let go with Mugwort’s song
To do this, Mugwort must be burnt above
In Mugwort is held the frequency of love
As it burns, the body will release
Energy will glow and there will be a return of peace
Mugwort brings clarity when the smoke is inhaled
A whiff most small, is all it takes.”

In the ceremony, the Spirit of Mugwort is invoked to take us through 7 gates of purification in inner space.  Below is a glimpse of the power of each gate.

  1. Gate of Redemption ~ removes shadows that linger in mind, which keep coming back though you think you’ve processed through.
  2. Gate of Fluidity and Dynamic Flow ~ removes the dream that seemed so real but is not. When the mirrors around us are cleared, victimhood is no more, and the flow of abundant life is restored.
  3. Gate of Rejuvenation Through New Potential ~ puts an end to stagnation and decay, bringint youth and rejuvenation to the cells and clearing the screen of life that you may manifest anew.
  4. Gate of Restitution and Justice ~ Restores clarity that no injustice can exist in the real, and all may be brought to resolution through higher consciousness.
  5. Gate of Stable Change ~ Enhances the ability to be the change you seek without through holding levels of expansiveness
  6. Gate of Effortless Abundance ~ Opens you to the grace of infinite abundance and joy through self-recognition of innate worthiness
  7. Gate of Removal of Obstruction of That Which is Right ~ Removes the layers of density to bring clarity, like mist dissipating in the rays of the sun

The PDF with the alchemical wheels and verses may be purchased here (you will be taken to Original Ones website) Gates of Mugwort by the Seer Almine

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