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Mugwort is a very powerful healer herb that holds the vibration of love. Used for centuries in moxibustion (Chinese Medicine), it is known as a very effective treatment to restore blood and Qi flow to areas of ‘blockage’. Blockage is really where parts of self have been suppressed and been left behind in the past, where a ‘fake’ mirror has taken its place…a hologram of sorts, where the body gets infiltrated by the unreal. The Mugwort/Moxa Belt is a Moxibustion tool to facilitate the burning and application of this powerful healing herb, on areas of the body to promote a return to wholeness. In wholeness, depth of presence occurs, which means that the soul enters the body to bring depth of living in integrated oneness and true fulfillment. When the body is whole, there is discernment experienced as a body knowing or felt-sense, that Almine has called ‘bodytruth’. With bodytruth activated, we can see through the unreal and artificial, and make choices leading us to self-sovereignty and freedom. With the Moxa Belt tool you will get:
  • The Moxa Belt and high-quality moxa rolls (10 small and 1 large roll)
  • The Emblem of the Spirit of Mugwort, laminated, to store your product on
  • A 3-step ceremony to clear the unreal from the body, including ghostly imprints from the joints (unpublished work by the Seer). You will need the Gates of Mugwort product, which is sold separately (link below). PDF and Music Elixir to support merging body and soul and the reclamation of whole being presence.
  • 10 grams of Frankincense and Myrrh blend of incense (used in the 3rd step of the full ceremony)
  • A PDF with suggestions for using the Moxa Belt and moxa rolls.

“Mugwort serves as a bridge between the soul and the body; between inner and outer space and between life and death.” The Seer


Details on the Belt, Moxa, and the Spirit of Mugwort…

Moxibustion is a treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that uses specially processed mugwort to deliver the power of this ancient herb, known as the ‘healing herb’.  Though the moxibustion belt is a relatively new tool used in moxibustion, the burning of moxa or mugwort has been used for thousands of years. The treatment is known to invigorate the blood and move Qi in the body where heat can be of benefit. It is used to expel colds, relieve pain, improve the overall healing process, as well as a preventive therapy.  Its best known uses are for chronic pain and prevention of illness. With the unique belt design, you can free your hands and relax while enjoying moxibustion. As a perfect alternative to heating pads, Mugwort/Moxa has long been sought for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, and is purported to fight parasite infections and have antioxidation properties that support immune system health.   In TCM teachings, pain is due to blocked Qi, and moxa has been known to restore flow.  Interestingly, from the Seer’s teachings, how it this is done is by this herb’s power at restoring frequencies of true presence, where parts of self have been left behind. This is of paramount importance at this time, when the goal to control humanity is by inserting artificial life and destroy the body’s ability to know truth, restoring the body’s true frequencies is critical. Untruth damages DNA and disrupts destiny, causing beings to fall into lower, devolutionary cycles of enslavement. When trauma is perpetrated and held in place, parts of self get left behind, and the body has pockets of ‘unrealness’, where there is a fake hologram preventing real presence. Add to that the fact that nanotech particles are being absorbed by the body to be receptors of distorted frequencies, and there a rift is happening in people’s bodies, designed to prevent the soul from entering the body. Mugwort and the ceremonies to be done will counter this.


“Mugwort serves as a bridge between the soul and the body; between inner and outer space and between life and death.” The Seer

Moxa is easier to burn than is loose mugwort, because it is prepped to have a clean burn, where it made into a pulp and tightly rolled, so that the ashes are not hot. With the loose herb, pieces can fly off and burn the skin if the mugwort is used to move energy in the body. Prepared in this way, the stick can be held close to the body’s acupuncture points. Care must still be taken to not burn the skin by placing it too close, but the ashes do not burn should they fall. With the unique belt design, you can easily apply the moxa treatment yourself, and be hands-free for meditation.
The moxa chosen for our purposes is a high quality gold moxa. Its color comes from extra purification steps in processing, and it burns gray rather than black. It  comes in small rolls to fit the belt container and has a burn time of about 40 minutes. Large rolls or sticks are also available (not the gold moxa), which can be used as a smudge stick, held over acupuncture points, or moved along the body to trace the meridian flow. Pieces can also be cut from the large stick, to fit the copper container of the belt tool. The gold moxa has less of a burn odor, though opening a window when using moxa prevents lingering scent, as well, the belt contains smoke and scent to a large degree, while still delivering the invigorating/soothing warmth and frequencies of the herb.
The other moxa is stone-ground, which is said to retain more of the essence of mugwort — so both moxas are superior quality through in different ways. The small rolls have a burn time of about 40 minutes, and once lit in the copper box, should be left to burn to completion. The larger roll can be used like a smudge stick or acupuncture point activator, and this can be put out more easily, but you can also put the small roll on a skewer / wood stick, for similar purposes.


Filling the Body with Realness with the Herb of Love

The Seer Almine  received a Mugwort Ceremony some years ago, which has recently been revived due to its relevance for now. We are evolving the body as a unified field, and for that, all must be brought into the present moment. Where parts of our being are stuck in the past, parts of the body they correspond to are vacant and holograms that fill with the unreal…this causes illness. It is only as parts of the self are assimilated that we may move into wholeness, to a next level of expression, from a body that expresses ‘what we are’. The body in wholeness becomes a fluid. incorruptible crystalline field of coagulated White Light.

Mugwort, and specifically the Ceremony of Mugwort, is very powerful to clear density from the body. It is this most powerful and sacred ceremony that inspired the offering of the moxa product, blending alchemy with this ancient Chinese healing modality. But there are many other protocols to do with the mugwort/moxa, so it was the most natural thing to offer as part of rituals of sacred alchemy for body evolution.

Burning moxa is safer and easier than is burning a mugwort smudge stick if you are going to hold it over parts of the body, as we do in the ceremony and suggested protocols. While you do not need the ceremony to benefit from the healing power of mugwort/moxa, having it is of great benefit to those seeking to accelerate body evolution through alchemy.


The Spirit of Mugwort Speaks…

“The body will hold onto memories long gone It will let go with Mugwort’s song To do this, Mugwort must be burnt above In Mugwort is held the frequency of love As it burns, the body will release Energy will glow and there will be a return of peace Mugwort brings clarity when the smoke is inhaled A whiff most small, is all it takes.”

In the ceremony, the Spirit of Mugwort is invoked to take us through 7 gates of purification in inner space.  Below is a glimpse of the power of each gate.
  1. Gate of Redemption ~ removes shadows that linger in mind, which keep coming back though you think you’ve processed through.
  2. Gate of Fluidity and Dynamic Flow ~ removes the dream that seemed so real but is not. When the mirrors around us are cleared, victimhood is no more, and the flow of abundant life is restored.
  3. Gate of Rejuvenation Through New Potential ~ puts an end to stagnation and decay, bringing youth and rejuvenation to the cells and clearing the screen of life that you may manifest anew.
  4. Gate of Restitution and Justice~ Restores clarity that no injustice can exist in the real, and all may be brought to resolution through higher consciousness.
  5. Gate of Stable Change ~ Enhances the ability to be the change you seek without through holding levels of expansiveness
  6. Gate of Effortless Abundance ~ Opens you to the grace of infinite abundance and joy through self-recognition of innate worthiness
  7. Gate of Removal of Obstruction of That Which is Right ~ Removes the layers of density to bring clarity, like mist dissipating in the rays of the sun
The PDF with the alchemical wheels and verses may be purchased here (you will be taken to Original Ones website) Gates of Mugwort by the Seer Almine

Cautions and Disclaimers

  • Mugwort or moxa is not applied to the skin, but works from the warmth and frequencies of the herb. It can move energy quite effectively, and if you feel dizzy or nauseous while doing it. Stop and rest.
  • Always open a window when burning any smudging herb.
  • The burning moxa in the copper container is safe to burn out on its own. Be careful if you open the container while it is still burning. It is not recommended that you put it out once lit. Best to let it burn through.
  • Never leave the belt unattended when the moxa roll is burning — better over cautious.
  • Internal or topical us of mugwort or moxa is not recommended during pregnancy — in fact moxibustion is used during childbirth to support delivery, specially in cases of a breech pregnancy.
  • This information does not constitute medical advice, consult a physician if you have illness, disease, or need a health assessment or advice.

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