Magical Manifestation Journal



Leather-bound, hand-stitched writing journals, embossed with the Song of Self wheel (in gold) on the front, and sigils of Love, Praise, Gratitude, Trust, and Hope on the back over. 120 pages of thick paper.

A line of journals will be stocked, with select alchemical wheels to support our manifestation work as we ‘dream a new dream’, and shape the new reality.

All journals are alchemically activated as power objects — every page is part of your ‘Field of Hope’ and your words will be held as ‘living intent’.

Journals come with a Power Sigil to help restore the original template of life through our manifestations desires, a bookmark of manifestation wheels, and an invocation for the journal writing to become a direct communication with the Divine Source through which all things manifest.

For a limited time, journals come with a sample size Eternal Song or Field of Hope Fragrance Alchemy oil.

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