Charcoal Tablets – For Resin Incense Burning


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Charcoal Tablets – For burning Resin Incense

Three Kings’ Quick Light charcoal tabs are disc-shaped, sold in a roll of ten. The tabs can be used to burn incense and they ignite quickly and are simple to use. They must be placed in an incense burner.

100% European beech wood is used to make the tabs, which have a mild, long, even burn with minimal ash. They are odorless, have a smooth, long, and even burn, and produce very little ash.

The wide disc that burns even makes it easy to throw incense powder on it (which is in our frankincense/myrrh blend).

Quick Light Charcoal’s benefits include: Pure and clean, Only the best ingredients, Generates a lot of heat, Lights quickly, is reliable, Smooth, long, and even burning, Limited amount of ash, and Odorless.

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