Saradesi Satva Yoga on Video – 3rd Yoga of Illumination


From the great mystic and seer Almine, we have been given four yogas of Illumination that clear the Dream of separation on four distinct levels: physical, emotional, mental (lower spirit), and spiritual.   These yogas are invaluable at this time in our evolution into the feminine cosmos, as we cannot leave anything behind. The yogas help to illuminate and assimilate the gifts of the Dream.

Saradesi Satva yoga — the 3rd yoga — brings us the Fountain of Youth. It is a deeply meditative routine of 6 movements and 6 poses, that connects us to the true feminine through silencing the mind.

This beautiful yoga clears the illusion of polarity by balancing the opposite poles exactly so that they cancel out, revealing an incorruptible reality that lies beyond, which is the reality of Eternal Youth.   When the poles are lived as one, we reach the zero-point of timeless time and spaceless space, and become the gateway for life ever new…a power of eternal regeneration.

This product has the following:

  • A video version of the full yoga routine,
  • A pdf as quick reference to the poses and their effects
  • Two audio mediations to clear the past
  • Contemplations on clearing memory and on practices for the magical life

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To purchase the ebook for Saradesi Satva yoga from Spiritual Journeys, click here.

Saradesi Satva Yoga removes linear time, which is the primary cause of aging and decay. Linear time occurs in the gaps caused by separation. Space is caused by what we are not expressing, and it becomes rigid and static when we see life in the mirror of opposites, as what we are not rather than as potential yet to be explored. We then move in linear time to try to get what really lies within. We separate when we self-suppress and have lost touch with our vastness…with knowing that we are all things and that all of existence is within our being.

It supports a move from centralized mind that keeps us stuck in the known, into decentralized, cellular mind that opens us to non-cognitive depth. In it we are led to embracing the paradoxes of life by ourselves becoming the living paradox. This causes life to fluidly morph in accordance with our evolving consciousness.

This yoga helps remove the opposites of movement and stillness; by balancing them we cancel them out to reveal a state of eternal rejuvenation. In perfect balance, life is ever new–this is the nature of existence, and the result of having no reference point. Without a reference point, we are in perpetual renewed expression..and our eternal self is revealed.  This is a deeply transformative yoga that works at a non-cognitive level to shatter all structure.

Listen to a short audio on the yoga and its effect.



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