Aranash Suba Yoga On Video – 4th Yoga of Illumination


This product has the yoga routine on video, so that it’s easier to follow with the contemplations recorded for each pose. You also get an audio introduction and information on the yoga.

Additional materials include the following audios and alchemical videos:

  • The River of Intent from the alchemical equation in the Bridge of No Time (video)
  • The Eternal Dance and the Sense Organs (audio)
  • Embracing the Unknown (video)
  • Eliminating the Gaps between the Breath (audio and pdf)

The Yogas of Illumination are the original work of the Seer Almine. You may purchase the yoga instruction as an ebook, on


Aranash Suba, the I AM Eternal yoga, is designed to release the hold of illusion by strengthening the Eternal Song of the Infinite within. The other Yogas of Illumination, Irash Satva, Shrihat Satva, and Saredesi Satva organize life within the matrix in order to give the necessary power to break free from illusion. They have as their goal, the transcending of linear change by replacing it with exponential change.

In exponential change we are the central expresser of our life, and movement is from the center through the pulsations of resonant waves we are cause for, much like a pebble dropped in a pond.  We then do not move based on desire, but rather we let things come to us as we keep our gaze firmly fixed on the potentials we feel arising. The ‘pebble’ is the clear intent that imbues our actions and perspectives.

The Yoga of Aranash Suba, strengthens the eternal- it turns its back on the illusions of the matrices of existence and embraces the contradiction of an existence of no opposites. Whereas Saradesi Satva yoga harmonizes opposites, Aranash Suba transcends, and we enter into a life of no opposites. We then operate from the timeless eternal self.

“Body, soul and spirit are transient vehicles to travel the matrices of life, death and ascension. Beyond these illusional containers of the accumulated stories of our journey through the mirrors (matrices), lies our beginningless and endless existence of formless form. It is here where individuation (form) dances in the formlessness of the One Life, like golden specks of dust illuminating and illuminated by rays of light; the Eternal Dance, inspired by the Eternal Song.

Shabech eres ustava mishet hunech esklavir mishenechvi

Beyond beginnings and endings lies an eternity of endless beginnings.
The eternal self is revealed in perpetual renewed expression.”

In particular, the yoga releases the programs of trauma from the psoas muscle, the ‘mighty muscle’ that bring stability and core strength, and unites upper and lower realities. It must be clear to stand firmly in our self-sovereign reality that transcends the imprisoning matrices.


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