Arasatma – Seven Breaths of Eternal Life – Level 1



Information on these sacred breaths were received by Almine in 2013, from ancient libraries held in the etheric. Level 1 is designed to release deep seated trauma and open the channels of prana. It initiates the grounding of the pranic tube and opening of the 24 chakras in the body, empowers manifestation, cleanses the seven bodies and the four directions, and more. (Read more below).

In this product you receive

  • A video with  the full level 1 Arasatma Breaths routine
  • A pdf with information and a handy reference on the breaths and what they do
  • A video meditation to cleanse through the pranic tube
  • Fragrance Alchemy protocol for the breaths (FA oils sold separately)

The video format is a great support when doing the breaths in groups (large screen). On your own, it has the sigils, instructions, depictions of breath circulation, and affirmations to contemplate, so you can simply play and do the hour long routine.

The Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma are the original work of the Seer Almine, (LLC Spiritual Journeys,


two whales libraryThe Arasatma breaths come from ancient records that have remained concealed for the past 75,000 years and have only been revealed to the great Seer Almine. The teachings are from the etheric libraries known as the Libraries of the Two Whales.

The teachings were spread out over several hidden libraries and kept by seven men who had to leave their people to guard the secrets for the present time. It is a complete wonder to realize that these ancients secrets have been guarded through great effort, sacrifice, and devotion, to be given to those awake enough to recognize their enormous value for our time.

We are told that the seven sacred breaths of eternal life create indefinite longevity in the one who masters them, and confers the power and ability to avert catastrophe by using the pranic tube as a ‘lightning rod’. They do much more, and cause inter-dimensional abilities over time.

Listen to a message received by Almine from the Atlantean angels, on the Arasatma breaths of eternal life…

The Breaths support the following:

The Breaths support the following:

  1. Clearing the 7 chakras and life in individuation.
  2. Clearing of the meridian system, which are the ‘rivers’ of our life.
  3. Strengthen our ability to manifest.
  4. Lengthen the pranic tube.  Breathing from the full pranic tube activates magical components in the breath, in support of  health, vitality, regeneration, and manifestation.

The book by Almine, The Sacred Breaths of the Arasatma is highly recommended for deeper understanding. It contains 3 levels of the Arasatma Breaths, the Twelve Breaths of proxy, and the Breaths of Evolved Awareness.

Images and sigils by Almine, (LLC Spiritual Journeys,


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