Power Sigil to Restore the Pure Tones of Hope in your Gemstones


We received a very wonderful Power Sigil that is the Power Source Sigil to open up 5-D spaces for higher manifestation. It was created from the heart of the Diamond’s Song, which is the gemstone that contains all the tones of Hope for the White Light reality.

While you receive this Power Sigil with every gemstone purchase, I’ve been asked if it can be used on your own gemstones to increase their vibration.   And yes it can. It will restore the pure tones of any gemstone that is of the earth (not lab-created).

In the heart of gemstones of the earth, is crystallized a Song of Hope, and hope is the power that open up doorways to higher possibilities that would not be there otherwise. So powerful is Hope, that it is the 5th ascension attitude that opens us to a 5-D reality, where we manifest life in cooperation with the One Life.

Gemstones are tasked with opening up spaces for higher realities to enter a current one, which is to open life up to miracles. Their power awakens as the gemstone masters — those who embody and live their qualities — take up this sacred task as a grateful privilege.

Restoring your gemstones’ song helps strengthen all like gemstones on the planet.

This product comes with a large laminated Power Sigil that you can recharge many gemstones on. Also has 4 quarter-page size laminates, and then 6 smaller ones so you can have it under gemstones you have displayed in your space.

If you are buying a gemstone from the Shop when you order this product, use the coupon GEMALCHEMY for a discount at checkout. (Please only use the coupon if you have a gemstone product in your cart!)


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