Clearing the Energetic Pathways of the Body ~ FA Oil for the Urusak Cellular Activation Water Device


This alchemical healing oil is imbued with the intent and power of removing obstructions from the energetic pathways in the body (the cause of all illness and disease). The Seer felt this to be the most beneficial and enhancing to the alchemy of the Urusak Water Purification and Activation Device, so that distorted and dissonant tones would be cleared from the energetic body and harmonious ones restored. But it is also a perfect oil to enhance meridian and chakra clearing.

It is only to be used with the Urusak Water device. Please do not order the oil unless you have the Urusak device, as your order will be cancelled otherwise.


This alchemical oil supports the alignment and being in sync with the intent of the Urusak Water Device, which is a very powerful vibrational tool to structure water in support of accelerating higher consciousness and activating inner body technology. The water structured is personalized, in that it supports a person’s next step of evolution for most graceful change.

The energetic pathways cleared include meridians, chakras and all pathways of self-communication. IN particular, the oil helps transmute negative emotions to ones that are life enhancing.

  • It terms of the chakras, it support clearing the debris of past stories, beliefs, unprocessed emotions, that make up the ‘pinch’ in the middle of the chakras, so they can form a Unified Field.
  • With the meridians, clearing of negative emotions produces profound well-being, peace in heart, and changes the song in the cells that manifest life around us. With cleared meridians, we open to full support from the extraordinary meridians of cause — flows of Source.

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This oil is best applied under the feet (can be rubbed into the balls of the feet). Another good location is on the wrists.

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3.5 mls, 5mls, 10 mls, 18 mls


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