The Call to Devotion of the Gemstone Master

The Call to Devotion of the Gemstone Masters

Gemstone Alchemy is far more than anyone may know. It is foundational to mastering life in physicality, particularly so in mastering manifestation in a reality that becomes wholly responsive to your slight intent, and in becoming a harvester of abundance in physicality, from full awareness of the layers beneath appearances that are laden with treasures…

So much is revealing through the deep exploration of the alchemical Tools of the Gemstone Kingdom.

From the Seer (Dec 2023):
As gemstones evolve , they evolve  from having awareness to having self-awareness. It is through the recognition, appreciation, and love of the Gemstone master ( a gemstone master uses their aware appreciation of the aliveness and qualities of gemstones for self-development. In turn , their self-development is done as a proxy for bringing wholeness to the Earth  and its creatures.) that gem- stones help purify the planet and its creatures . There are several kingdoms (dwarves, angelic, and what’s called archetypal spirits —the gemstone guardians ) that cooperate  with joyous enthusiasm, with the Gemstone Masters of material life. In caves (usually lava caves) around the world (such as in Tunisia , and in the Atlas Mountains In Morocco for instance) gemstone guardians grow new gemstones when they see that gemstones are appreciated.”

And as new gemstones emerge in physicality, they participate in opening up pristine spaces for higher realities to enter into a lower one, which by the Seer’s definition, translates into a reality of miracles. The secret power of gemstones to open up portals of infinity in matter is their song of Hope — each holding different tones to add to the alchemical symphony of the Song of the Earth. And as we perfect their powerful tones in us, we become the Door to Higher Life…the Door of Everything…

For those who feel the call, explore the Gemstone Alchemy programs to become such a Master, and experience a life of joyous participation in ushering in a New Reality of flourishing for all life, through your own life as proxy!

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