Crystalline Alchemy and the Meridians as a Unified Field of Power to Materialize Higher Life

Crystalline Alchemy and the Meridians as a Unified Field of Power to Materialize Higher Life

Below is a post from the daily Blog on Adventures in Boundlessness, where we are in the process of leveraging power with the new Holy Quartz Alchemy and the Holy Matter Alchemy. This is activating the Ordinary Meridians anew, in their true power, and bringing online the powerful Androgynous Archetypes of Fullness. Almine recently said that these Androgynous Archetypes bridge the Ordinary Meridians, which give us the power to organize life at ever higher orders, with the Extraordinary Meridians, which are the inexhaustible flows of Source of all-power, all-knowing, all-resources, and all resourcefulness. When fully activated as a Unified Field, we become the Bridge of No Time and of No Space, expressing the body anew as what we are: a fluid crystalline, field of coagulated White Light…a crystalline capacitor of Infinite Intent.

Describing a dream that revealed the greater power of the Liver Meridian expressing at a higher order outside of the matrix of separation….

After a day of steeping in Innocent Perception, I was given the 2nd dream…

I was looking at something, and suddenly it opened up as a portal of ancient knowledge of mysteries….Then I saw in the periphery of vision, movement everywhere….I looked and beheld a world where I could perceive the crystalline fluid forms of everything.  I as I focused on one thing, I could feel ancient knowledge being revealed. I was in wonderment. I was not after anything in particular, but I just felt a pouring out…a giving….from the fluid crystals around me, in response to me.  I wondered “what is this?!!…and what is this new feeling in me?!!”

I realized what was pouring out was in resonance to what had been held as un-accessed libraries in me…my being expanded with greater awareness in some strange way… This resonance put me in such a profound state of interconnectedness, that it felt like I was beholding myself in creation and belonged with everything around me. There could be no sense of separation anymore, as the song in me was singing all around me…

Everything resonated as tones in me, and the external world became so alive — in and around me.

I woke up from the dream into a half-dream state for what seemed like a long time…exploring this new crystalline world that was so alive and fluidly responsive to my focus on any part of it. Life felt like living wisdom revealing, but it was happening in me in tandem so it was hard to know what ignited what…all had become one.

And I realized that as I perceived only the real, everything was a portal to the Infinite’s all-knowing, and the beauty that I was beholding in wonderment was in resonance with what I am…

Almine described that the Book of Creation was written in the DNA of the Original Ones, and she accessed it in a retreat, for what became The Book of Gods and Men.

In the half-dream state I realized that focusing on the aliveness, the real, the animating principle in all things, caused tones to arise…and those tones were coming from my being too…so I was toning the realness focused on…And I realized also, that my perception was touching everything with the warmth of my being…Seeing, hearing, touching with warmth had become inseparable. How I perceived life around me was silently being toned or spoken into being…and touching the alive essence of things with my own essence was igniting everything around me.  And the sense I had was life is waiting for my slight intent.

As I pondered on this magical world, I began to see luminous threads flowing around all forms as in a loving embrace…forming what appeared as crystalline templates to nurture life to higher expression.  And it was so clear that there is no need to strive, no mission to accomplish, but to enjoy life in passionate self-discovery of our inexhaustible boundlessness. While there was nothing that had to be done, the point was to explore the aliveness and receive the gift of enjoyment of experience…And it was clear too that what we experience we animate and materialize, and the more joy the more this is so.

I scribbled notes and key phrases, so I’d remember when I woke up, then went back to sleep.

When I got up, I realized this is the deeper power of perceiving from feeling that comes from the inner senses stirred by the Infinite to communicate Its intent. (From the equation for the Liver meridian in the Holy Quartz Alchemy). And we have but to perceive the heavenly reality of Infinite’s Intent to bring it about.  The ‘fallen’, separated sense organs don’t have this capacity, only the healed sense organs that see and hear the refined light and refined frequency of inner space do. And with the healed sense organs, we see what we intend, and crystalline forms emerge, which are tonal. And as light and tone flowing through crystal generates energy…we become the animating force of life around us.

And all this is part of the higher function and power of the Liver Meridian that leads us beyond anything we’ve known, into worlds ever more beautiful, magical, and consciousness-expanding, and it happens through embracing the physical, material reality in the details of our lives. And this needed to be grasped so we could open to this great archetypal being activating in us. In the true body of Crystalline White Light, our whole experience of life in physicality changes completely….

When we cease to strive to become or to know, we become ‘Creation emerging’ through and around us, and with innocence, we enter the kingdom of heaven within (Holy Matter Alchemy Equation for Liver Meridian).

The secret to true perception is that it flows the living light of truth that dissolves illusion and restores the Song of Creation.

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