Rune Protocols to Heal the Body’s Organ

Rune Protocols to Heal the Body’s Organ

We’ve been given 8 Rune Protocols, sequences of runes to integrate, to activate the inner aspect of the outer sense organ and have them become activate creational powers through enlightened perspectives. We have Light Elixirs and sigils to leverage the alchemical power in support of the sensory organs unifying as a field. (1)

As I was going over notes from correspondence with Almine, I found something that I never really highlighted, which is important at this time. It is that the protocols for the sensory organs of the meridians, also work on the physical organs. Why is this so important?

We are expressing life new, as what we are, and the 12 ordinary meridians are key competencies — massive archetypal powers that organ-ize life in form. And when we master fluidly reforming form through the Songs of Hope that triangulate ‘spaces of Hope’ (2), we are able to live from ‘light with magical properties…fluid ever-changing light of new awareness’…from a fluid field of ever renewing light

Healing the organs so that they can become a cooperative, harmonious Unified Field of Tonal Luminosity, and fulfil their role in innocence that frugally and optimally utilizes the Divine Qi that animates and sustains our bodies, is very important at this time. The healed and upgraded meridian system can wield immense power of the One, to bring life into higher orders of expression.

Here are the Rune sequences to heal the organs of the body. They are available from the Rune app with the Amber Gemstone Alchemy protocols (1). And you can access them if you have the Rune app. (3)

Rune set 1 (Arkbar) – runes 22-31 – to heal the Pancreas

Rune set 2 (Uhut) – runes 19-25 – to heal the Thyroid

Rune set 3 (Plihar) – runes 48-52 – to heal the Urinary Bladder

Rune set 4 (Prutbar) – runes 84-96) – to heal the Liver

Rune set 5 (Mesenut) – runes 82-96 – to heal the Stomach

Rune set 6 (Sklivet) – runes 1-12 – to heal the Lungs

Rune set 7 (Harasut) – runes 5-13 – to heal the Kidney

Rune set 8 (Mistel) – runes 8-21 – to heal the Spleen

(1) This is available with the Amber Gemstone Alchemy protocols. Amber is the gemstone of omni-sensory perception that supports us to access unarticulated potential in our daily lives, through the dream and awake times. It’s a very powerful protocol for higher manifestation.

(2) The 12 Triangulations of Hope of the Meridians — step 3 in Crystalline Alchemy — will be taught on the membership platform from mid-March through to May, and then will be available as a self-study product on this Academy site. If you’re Russian-speaking, you can also join the Russian webinars currently underway on Crystalline Alchemy.


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