Three Centers Alignment Process and Meditations


Alignment of the 3 dantien centers of Head, Heart, and Gut is a foundational competency to being self-supportive and liberate from the oppositional mirrors of life in a matrix of separation. Through deep inner alignment of these 3 major hubs of awareness on the 3  levels of Existence needed to manifest in form, the inner war and body tension releases, and those resources get reallocate into manifesting the Heart’s desires.   We are told that we can have anything that we want, but that ‘anything’ must be ‘real’, otherwise it is not supported by the Source of our Existence.

The 3-centers alignment materials and meditations assists in moving out of the unreal, and opening a portal to the real.

You can work with meditations on their own, or additionally get the activation for the Tool of alchemy that supports you to be in 3-centers alignment.

Read about all the options for the products, below.

The basic packafe (option 1) comes with:

  • PDF on 3-centers alignment, brainwave correspondences, ordinary meridian correspondence.
  • PDF on the ascension attitudes to cultivate for deepened 3-centers alignment, and a set of cards with the ascension attitudes (mailed out to you)
  • Series of meditations from basic to processing on issues, to living by inspiration. Many meditations included, as it is a foundational competency.
  • Meditation on the Four Blessings


With option 2 you will get:

  • PDF on the Embodied Harmonic Symbol
  • The 3 EHS Power Sigils received by the Seer (mailed out to you)
  • Scheduled session for the activation (on zoom) and learning how to use the EHS, and the power of deeper alignment at this time in evolution. This is done as an exploration session too — about a 2 hour session.
  • A 15% discount coupon to the FA oil kit for the 3-centers alignment (see details below)


With option 3 you will get:

  • PDF with the Gemstone Alchemy process (includes a ceremony with varying themes to work with, and power stacks needed)
  • The 4 Power Sigils of the gemstones (mailed to you)
  • A 15% discount coupon to the FA oil kit for the 3-centers alignment (see details below)



From Anita…

In 2012 my whole reality imploded. That year was excruciating, yet was necessary preparation to meet the Seer and take up her work one year later. In the course of navigating the chaos, I discovered a process I called ‘Vertical Awaring‘. Basically it was aligning the 3 dantien centers of Head, Heart, and Gut, and ‘stealing’ moments of peace…finding myself in the eye of the storm. At first I could only sustain that state for seconds…then minutes…But I became so curious about how that state was possible as glimpses…what was that ‘place’ in me.  So I deepened in the practice and did 3-centers alignment as needed and as I was able to, and at times it was over 20 times per day.  Eventually I could get there in an instant, and could feel a 4th level or center accessible to my awareness that I called the ‘observer‘, a part of self that was not in the reality of the 3 centers…it was a transcendent part of consciousness that simply observed without judgment or conclusion…Eventually I recognized the Observer as a portal or bridge to higher dimensions and higher possibilities.

As part of the Vertical Awaring process, I developed an ‘etheric tool’ of inner mastery or inner body technology called the Enhanced Healing Symbol, and later renamed the Embodied Harmonic Symbol, or EHS as the acronym.  This I taught and activated for many years.

When I began studying with the Seer in 2013, I realized I had tapped into a process to harmonize the 3 realities of Spirit, Soul and Body, which were antagonistic to one another when we lived in mirrors of opposition.  And the 4th level was indeed the level of ‘transcendence’ or higher Spirit, which could become a portal to higher dimensions. And I recognized that 4th state as the foundation to mastering being at the center of the ‘Tube Torus’ of life that emanates all around us. It is the full alignment of Inner Family of sub-personalities of the ‘vertical’ axis, and so I realized how aptly I had named the process! It truly was ‘awaring’ from all 4 realities active in physicality, which then opens up the portal to participation of our higher dimensional levels.

In 2014 I asked Almine her to look into what I’d created, and for a blessing of the EHS through a Power Sigil.  So much evolved and in 2016 I asked her for an upgrade and another Power Sigil. And this again in 2020. So the EHS has three levels of power, that work with a person’s evolving consciousness.

There are so many things to explore so it was put aside for a few years, until recently (November 2023) when new clarity emerged and a next level of the 3-centers alignment opened up.  The clarity came on how to manifest automatically in alignment with Infinite Intent. The how-to is the very reason for the Academy of Alchemy, which is dedicated to supporting all of life to move into the ‘real’, and to the training of lightworkers to become High Alchemists and co-creators of a New Reality beyond separation. And Gemstone Alchemy that assists to activate the crystalline body of White Light and the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness is a key in accessing that state of automatic High Manifestation.

But from wherever you are to that higher activated state of being a co-creator with space/time as your tools, learning to harmonize the 3 centers is a foundational competency, and manifesting refinement in your life through the secrets of deeper harmonization of these 3 centers is easily accessible to all.  It is an effective, life-changing step for those who make it a new competency.

This series of meditations takes you through ever deeper levels of 3-centers alignment. New meditations will be forthcoming in 2014, that takes 3-centers alignment to whole new level of activation and power. As well, a new PDF that explains the deeper activation and how to live from that power of manifestation. They will be sent out to those who have the product.

The product has levels of engagement, as follows:

1- Option 1: The set of audio meditations to work through deeper levels of harmonization. Includes PDFs on the correspondences to brainwaves, and some Power Sigils to work with.

2- Option 2: All that is in the first version, with the addition of a one-on-one activation of the EHS, which we schedule at a convenient time. The activation session can be recorded (on zoom). The activation can be done around an issue you wish to clear as well. This version includes all the EHS Power Sigils, and a possible future one that may be requested in 2024. In the session I will also share the deeper level of activation that is now possible.

3- Option 3:  All that is the 2nd option, with the addition of 4 activated crystals, which will amplify and transmit the qualities in Head, Heart, and Gut for deepened harmonization. These are Quartz, Rose Quartz, Azeztulite, and Citrine. Citrine clears the spine of obstructions so that higher transcendent consciousness may flow.


You can begin with the first option, and at any point upgrade to the 2nd or 3rd option by adding those ‘standalone’ options. Read the dropdown menu carefully, so you pick the right product.

Two additional offerings to support this are  the EHS activation on its own, and  the Gemstone Alchemy kit on its own.

NOTE on Additional Materials to come:

You can get started with this now, and will receive the new materials in the first half of 2024.

Fragrance Alchemy Support

The primary FA oil to align the 3 centers is Flight of the Falcon. Read about it in the Fragrance Alchemy section of the shop.

Other best supportive oils include: Field of Hope and Fountain of Youth. This trio has been created as the kit for 3 centers alignment to activate Head, Heart, and Gut.

But other great FA oils to further support the process are:

  • Crystal Waters (Clears crystals in the head and activates the body as a fluid crystalline field of White Light)
  • Eternal Mind
  • Focused Light (Citrine oil to clear the spine and support the arising of Kundalini)
  • Song of the High Heart
  • Innocence (Innocent Perception in Head, open resonant Heart, and purity in Gut)
  • Spark of Life (changes the song of the cells in support of recognizing divinity)


Additional information

Package Options

Option 1, Option 2 with EHS, Option 3 (EHS + Gemstone Alchemy), Standalone EHS Activation, Standalone Gemstone Alchemy Process


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