The Ceremony of the Alchemy of Oneness


Received by the Seer Almine, this ceremony activates the alchemical equation of the 144 Principles of the Alchemy of the One, which leverages to the restoration of oneness. In oneness we dwell in the stillpoint of life, becoming cause of our reality and no longer an effect.

This ceremony comes with pfds, an instruction and preparation video, the ceremony video, and the meditation on audio.  Read more details below.



This is one of several of the Seer’s Ceremonies that were given to me to share with clients, as the alchemical tools are very important at present and according to Almine, not enough people had taken up these important ceremonies and embodied their blessings.

We are told that where we want to get to is not possible without alchemical leveraging. It takes great power to make the leap into full immersal in the transcendent state known as the “Field of the One” (1), which is the level of existence where we have fluid awareness across all dimensions and we no longer engage life from the matrix of separation.  Greater awareness becomes greater power to manifest a reality in full alignment with divine Intent.

Establishing in oneness consciousness takes us from being an effect of a lower collective, to being cause and self-governing, where life becomes our  holographic canvas upon which to shape a life of artistry.

What you Get in this Product

  • The alchemical components with power stack wheels and sigils for the ceremonial circle are given as pdfs.
  • An instructional video on how to set up the ceremony. This video also has a short meditation to align the 3 centers of Head, Heart, and Gut to harmonize the 3 realities of Spirit (mind), Soul (heart), and Body (gut).
  • The Ceremony of the Alchemy of the One video. This video supports the activation of the 144 Principles of the Alchemy of Oneness, and it takes you through the 12 ordinary meridians, that organize life in form. Opening to oneness from the 4th Field of the One, opens the portal to the 5th Field of Consciousness, through which we co-create for all life, inseparable from the One.
  • The 144 Principles of the Alchemy of the One (pdf). These can be reviewed, contemplated, and you can pick one or several each day to live consciously. 
  • An audio version of the Ceremony meditation, which can be done without the alchemical components. The meditation helps to purify the meridians and activate them to their higher powers.

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A related product to study for those who wish to immerse in oneness consciousness is the Qi Vesta system of guidance and manifestation. It is truly mind-bending, consciousness-expanding, and life-changing. To read about the Qi Vesta offerings, look on the website under Programs from the main navigation menu.

(1) The Field of the One is the level of existence that corresponds to the higher expression of the Wind / Metal element in Chinese Medicine. The 5 elements are Fields of Existence that we must live simultaneously in order to co-create reality from wholeness.


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