Life Expressed Anew through the Powers of the 12 Meridians


Two audio meditations as a flow through the 12 ordinary meridians.

  • 1st audio: Intro and flow through Lung to Small Intestine (33 mins)
    2nd audio: Flow through Urinary Bladder to Liver (28 mins)

Done repeatedly, these audios will assist you to embody the new powers of the evolved meridian system.

Bonus: A table of correspondences for the 12 meridians. This is my personal reference, gathered over years of study.


Higher manifestation that uplifts all life is incidental to living well, in heightened presence from deep appreciation of all aspects of life. And to have that capacity for depth of living that sees beneath surface appearances and impacts multi-dimensionally, is to live from the evolved body, through which the unimpeded flow of inspiration—from an inner experience to automatic expression in divine timing–happens through the 12 ordinary meridians that have been cleared of emotional debris and trauma, and are operating as a unified field of evolved awareness and function.

The ordinary meridians at higher expression are alive powers that operate in consolidated purpose under the regency of a Heart that loves without pain.  Emotions transmute from those of pain to pure emotions of desire that are fulfilled from within.  We move out of linear time altogether, and engage life from automatic inspired action and effortless knowing — flowing on a path of grace and inevitability.

This meditation set takes you through the 12 meridian powers. They are helpful in embodying the new tones of creation, the new archetypes, and the potencies of the colors associated with each meridian.(1)

Beyond the old reality of separation, beyond the laws of polarity and compensation, awaits a reality of integrated oneness, where growth is by inspiration and alchemical leveraging.

(1) Based on the work of the Seer Almine,


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