Brain & Spine Clearing and Ceremony to Remove Hypnoses – Alchemical Videos


This product contains two alchemical videos. One is a ceremony to clear deep subliminal noise that allow for hypnotic states of control.

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Clearing Brain & Spine Programming

This video helps remove programs from skull and spine that have prevented the merging of inner and outer space.  The video has the light elixirs from the Plegvaa (star race), designed to clear these programs, and the music is the Hadjika brainwave entrainment technology, that also clears programs from head and spine.

We have been unable to live complexity within simplicity precisely because programs have prevented the merging of inner and outer space. This has caused complexity to turn into complicated lives, which suppresses the Inner Child’s expression. But the time is now to clear up all remnants of distortions that prevent the full merging of the poles.

Clearing Subliminal Noise that Causes Hypnoses

Discordant noise that cannot be heard has created hypnoses that prevent us from knowing our true being.  This alchemical process clears the very deep levels of undetectable hypnotic influences. We are told that these levels cannot be cleared without the alchemical support.

This may help with clearing tinnitus, as one theory is that a common origin is from subversive mind control. 

This deep level of undetectable hypnosis, when cleared, will unleash new vitality and freedom to our lives. The Inner Child operates at deeper hypnotic states of the psyche, and when the Inner Family is healed and these deep places are filled with our presence, we support the permeating presence of the Inner Child, through which we may reclaim our magic.

As an alchemical process to support us with all the other healing work, the deeper the layers freed up from programming, the more our activation work will ‘land’ in the body and have the power to rearrange our lives.

This powerful alchemy is best to be done at night so that you can integrate in your sleep.  It can disorient as places where you have been a ‘puppet on a string’ are cleared.

Print the Wheel to Dissolve Hypnoses and have it next to your bed, and ask the angel gods to continue the clearing through the night. Do the video repeatedly for about a week if you can, then periodically after that.  You may feel things coming alive to a new degree in life, and other insights and principles, or Rune card for example, may feel much more profound for you.

You may wish to do the Dome/Cocoon Inner Child healing mediation as you use this alchemical video.


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