The Qi Vesta – The Breath of the Divine

A Mystical Manifestation Device

The Qi Vesta means ‘Breath of the Divine’, or that which breathes life into manifestation. Qi is the life force that animates body and meridians, and Vesta means the Divine.

The Qi Vesta replaces previously used divination devices like the Tarot, which became obsolete when linear time came to end and ‘future’ was no more. Instead of potential timelines, as life ascends, the future is shaped in the moment, by holding intent aligned in oneness. In acknowledged and lived Oneness, we are the center of our reality and we impact on potentials through aligning as source of our desires. “Time is an illusion belonging to those who strive against life.” In the stillness of full surrender, time and space move through us as we stand still. With the profound alchemy of the Qi Vesta, we are assisted to manifest a temple of holy life by honoring the sanctity of our being. We are told that we can have anything we truly desire, and the Qi Vesta guides un in perfect alignment to express that into our lives

From the Seer Almine…

The heart opens when it is touched by the Breath of the Divine, as the rose in the garden is caressed into opening by the morning mist. With the soft whisperings, It tells of a world of magic that awaits, revealing Itself only to eyes of innocence and a heart of purity.

The Divine calls us to follow It in the early light of the dawn, our bare feet wet with dew1; to throw caution to the wind and dance to Its song in the moonlit meadow. Happiness is to live in the elegant wealth of the One Life and through our oneness, to own the billions of twinkling diamonds in the night sky and dance the wild dance of the richly hued autumn leaves as they frolic in the breeze.

The breath of the Divine is that which reaches through the heart of matter and the building blocks of life to animate form and to whisper of an unimaginable reality beyond our comprehension, revealing its full tonality and luminosity only to an opened heart.

The journey of man has been steeped in care as he has staggered under the weight of his imagined dream – a dream in which the twin weights of responsibility and duty were shackled to his feet. To the one who awakens from the dream of duty comes instead the revelation that life is beauty; that the never-ending adventure of discovery of the greater self through our environment is a tantalizing and exciting journey into the heart of magic.

The Qi Vesta over the years…

The Qi Vesta was received by the Seer in 2009, and as her students became ‘High Priests’ of the Qi Vesta, next steps were received. A “Guild” of High Priests (called Huna Qi Vestas) was then established, which required the practitioner to fulfill eight assignments from the Infinite to assist humanity and the cosmos.

These assignments activated crystals in the body, and are the infrastructure for the body expressing in the fluid geometry of wholeness . Crystals in perfect formations are receptors of Infinite Intent, and they create ‘spaces’ for higher orders of life to emerge within them. The body becomes a holy vessel animated by the Breath of the Divine, and through it all life is blessed.

In 2017/18, the Qi Vesta app was created, in order to make the process easier to do, and provide a means for practitioner to offer Hakulit (guidance session using the QV cards) sessions to clients.

In 2018 the Qi Vesta was highlighted by the Seer once again, as an important study and alchemical device for our time.

*** To explore the Qi Vesta cards and principles of the Alchemy of Oneness, go to this page where you will be able to do a random pick of a card: Qi Vesta 1-Card Pick

Becoming a Qi Vesta Practitioner and Master (Huna Qi Vesta)

To become a Qi Vesta practitioner of this life-altering alchemical device, and a Huna Qi Vesta, a program will be offered in April/May 2024, mentored by Anita (1).

** A Qi Vesta Practitioner has completed study of the material, understands the relationship of form and formlessness, and what it means to express life anew in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness. And while there are many things to be studied to this end, there are no prerequisites, and the program will make clear the areas of further deepening for some, and will weave in all prior study for some others. The requirement is 60 days of the full Qi Vesta ceremony.

** A Huna Qi Vesta goes a step further, and performs 8 assignments from the Infinite, which activate 8 crystals in the body now becoming fluid, crystalline, coagulated White Light. This part takes 120 days to complete. Each crystal is activated through “Precepts of Emergence“, that are metaphysical secrets around how reality emerges, which were the explored and achieved at various cycles of evolution and are now accessible on dimensions of being, effectively weaving in awareness and self-communication across our full multi-dimensionality. It is self-communication across our vastness that generates such life-force that we become our own source of sustenance, even producing excess.

Through the program, participants will have access to the Qi Vesta App offered at

** At the end of the Qi Vesta Practitioner training, we will explore the powerful Hakulit process of manifesting higher reality, which can be done online with clients. The Hakulit helps with profound shifts through a 2-step process that illuminates best paths forward on any issues.

Through the steps of the Hakulit, a sigil of power is produced, to open to higher resolutions and manifest from oneness — in exponential time and fluidly reforming space. Through the training you will have access to the Hakulit app ( You will be encouraged to do a ‘practicum’, and complete several full Hakulit sessions with participants.

Those wishing to integrate this training with the Holy Quartz and Holy Matter alchemy, can sign on for an additional training module, where you will learn to incorporate these powerful modalities to further support your work with clients. The Seer has said that our healing abilities will astonish us as we step into this next phase of expressing that we are, outside of all mirrors of opposition…

This program is a mentorship, as the primary work consists of the Qi Vesta ceremony that is done daily on your own. Webinars will be given every week for the QV Practitioner portion, and every 2-3 weeks during the Huna QV training, where participants will be able to ask questions on challenging concepts, we will explore what life is calling forth in us and various support tools, and will do a group alchemy to deepen in the principles of the Alchemy of Oneness.

You may join the Hakulit training as a Qi Vesta Practitioner, but of course the full Huna Qi Vesta is ideal, but that can be done at a later time, as inspired.

Details will be forthcoming. If interested, join the newsletter to be kept up to date on upcoming programs, and/or send an email to be added to the list.

*** To explore the Qi Vesta cards and principles of the Alchemy of Oneness, go to this page where you will be able to do a random pick of a card: Qi Vesta 1-Card Pick

(1) Anita Lucia was appointed by the Seer in 2018, as the Dean of the Qi Vesta internationally. She has since mentored groups and individuals in taking up this most sacred work. The Qi Vesta app was created by Anita and Dave Reedjek. All of Almine’s divination systems have been made into Apps that work on all devices. Visit to see the offerings.