Below is a 1-Card Pick from the powerful Qi Vesta card set.

The Qi Vesta is powerful system for divination, manifestation, and awakening from the dream of separation, into the true Dream of the Infinite — the reality of Oneness. The 1-card pick is a simple process to receive the ‘Breath of Source’ to flow into a situation, bringing clarity or vitality to it.

The Qi Vesta cards have a power wheel that conveys non-cognitive information as an activating power that works below conscious level, and the insight of the card provides a starting point for contemplation, that assists in quieting the mind that thinks it knows. To be ever new, we must embrace life as unknowable…

There are four card decks with 36 cards each, which represent the four fields of Existence of physicality, emotional level, mental level, and spiritual level (PEMS). The four fields make up the reality of form, and when the mind that seeks to know is stilled, then it becomes attuned to the unknown, while the body attunes ever more deeply to the unknowable and opens to the vitalizing power of life ever new.

The Qi Vesta stills the mind by confounding it — the principles of the cards are intended to be contemplated upon, and through the Qi Vesta ceremony, they leverage alchemically to the power to break free from the matrix of matter. Beyond linear time and static matter, is a reality of ever newness, ever renewing form, and ever regenerating body. Life beyond the imprisoning matrix becomes a flourishing existence on an upward spiral of ever greaterness.

The one-card pick is a random draw from the full set of 144 Qi Vesta cards. You may use it as guidance to shift around an issue or inspire your day.

Take a moment to choose your focus, formulate an inquiry, or open to inspiration and guidance for your day. The deck to which your selected card belongs, indicates where the focus needs to be.

Click on the image below, and you will be redirected to the 1-card pick on the QV app.

Deck 1 – Ari Vesta: Physical, Field of the Material, non-resistance to life, embracing life as grateful privilege, seeing flaws as places where we need to show up anew, living from all perspectives, knowing we are center of our reality. Focus on self-emergence rather than on what is unwanted.

Deck 2 – Ha Nua Wa: Emotional, Field of Cause, elevating lower emotions to be able to interpret life clearly / clearing conditioning / attachments of the heart. Establishing peace within so that emotions become the fluid, creative response to the unfolding moment.

Deck 3 – Ba Va Ru Vesta: Mental, Field of Intent. Elevating our expression beyond the distortions and limitations of belief systems. Releasing the need to know, and instead immersing in the moment’s experience with appreciation and the ability to see new potentials through the attitude of praise.

Deck 4 – Hana Vesta: Spiritual, Field of the One. Living in surrendered trust as an infallible part of the One Life. Beyond striving, identity, mission and need to be understood, we are in the full experience of the moment, at One with its Inspiration and Illumination.