Activation of the Outer Sense Organs to their Inner Aspect ~ To Perceive into Being

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Awakening Outer Sense Organs to their Pro-active Role in Co-creating Heaven on Earth

In liberating the outer sense organs from mind’s stranglehold through needing to know, we break free of static grids of limitation and cyclical patterns– closing the doors to the past, and opening to fluid space that brings in miraculous unfoldment. The outer sense organs then become gateways for the Infinite Being to perceive into and move life in form, as fluidly reforming form, from limitlessness potential. Read more below.

In this product you receive:

  • A meditative talk that leads you to grasp the power of the 8 outer sense organs
  • A video on the 8 outer sense organs
  • A video on the power of sight and visioning life into being
  • 8 Light elixirs and sigils by the Seer, as downloads (postcards can be obtained but you will have to request this separately).  These activate the higher powers of the outer sense organs, to manifest in the new reality beyond polarity.
  • The 8 Rune protocols to heal and activate the outer sense organs, and cause them to become a Unified Field (given by the Seer)
  • A PDF in support of the sense organs as a unified field
  • The eye exercise to create life as our own virtual reality (received by the Seer in 2014)
  • Beautiful series of 8 videos depicting the Earth Tones for the 288 inner senses — spoken by Almine / created by Willy&Rina


In the meditative talk included in the product, you are led– through grasping the pro-active power of the sense organs– to perceiving what lies beyond existing paradigms. The sense organs are not passive receivers of what is, but rather active tools in co-creating a life of inspired beauty. When their inner aspect is activated, we sense what lies as emerging potential. As we bring about what we focus on, perceiving higher potentials brings them about.

We manifest according to what we experience. Experiencing Infinite’s Inspiration emerging from beneath life at surface appearance, is how we evolve life to a higher order. The outer sense organs become powers of manifestation of a higher reality of limitlessness beyond the law of compensation.

The meditative talk is extracted from the 5 Element Program.

The Rune protocols and light elixirs were received by the Seer in 2018, and are the alchemical tools to evolve the sense organs to their inner aspect and manifestation power.

The series of 8 videos for the 288 inner sense organs are meditative aphorisms from the Seer, that evoke deep feeling states or moods that take activate the inner sense organs. These inner sense organs are like the strings of an instrument played by the Hand of the Infinite, communicating Its Intent as potentials emerging.  The outer sense organs that have their inner aspect activated, are able to receive and interpret the non-cognitive information.   When you play these repeatedly over time, you are activated within to sense more clearly the non-cognitive thought that arises from depth of inner space.



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