Exploring the Space Clearing Initiative – operation re-establishing planetary & cosmic Sacred Space

Many of us know at this point that the entire creation, and in particular the earthly realm, has been polluted by the unreal that has threatened to take control and enslave humanity. 5G, nanotechnology, EMF pollution, tremendous geopathic stress, and more, have threatened the viability of evolving life on earth. 

What, however, is the solution?

Decades ago, a burning question came to the fore which was “What are the implications of having split the atom and torn apart the fabric or existence?…and what is there to do about it?”

This question initiated the quest for higher hormones and DNA preservation that led to a deep dive into the meridians (Chinese Medicine).  From this and other questions, we were led to the Seer Almine and her incontestable and immense body of work.

Getting straight to the point, through a series of Power Sigils that the Seer accessed at her students’ requests, a solution began to dawn, and as invariably happens with this work, many ‘dots’ were connected and the possibilities opened as the initiative gained more and more traction.

The Space Clearing Protocol came as an initial ‘download’, followed by many synchronistic events and discoveries, until the whole became clear. It is part of the solution to take back the Earth our Home by creating ‘heaven on earth’ in our own spaces that act as proxy for all space, the more that we establish in wholeness. When in wholeness, our Song of Self permeates all of life, because in wholeness we live inclusive of All That Is. Establishing in fluid wholeness is actually a great metaphysical mystery that we have studied for decades.

In the process of creating and teaching the protocol, more and more revealed, and one aspect of this was the importance of Gemstone Alchemy that needed to be taken up — embodied, lived, and evolved — in order to spiritualize Matter. So long as Spirit, Soul, and Body are separate realities, there are ‘gaps’ in between where shadow lurks and feeds from. Gemstone Alchemy is the highest alchemy of Light, Frequency, and Matter, and when full activated in Lightworkers, the gaps close and shadow dissolves. There is no battle against evil, rather when we live in full authentic expression, we permeate All That Is with presence, and what is not permeable is unreal and simply dissolves.

Through the Space Clearing Protocol, you will gain access to profound powers of certain gemstones used, and will be astounded at that this Kingdom can evolve to. 5G, EMF pollution, sub-creations of artificial intelligence or light will lose traction as we step up in empowered self-recognition.

Many who feel the calling at this time are destined to be part of this awakening within the density of human life, to establish a new reality that is not of this world…we may call it the ‘New Reality’.  Since making the Space Clearing Protocol available to many participants of Adventure in Boundlessness, so much has fallen into place, and the path forward continues to reveal ever greater depth. The powers awakening within are limitless, and our success is assured at this point.

The Space Clearing Protocol (SCP) is part of a larger movement that will lead us to full presence on all 12 Fields of Existence necessary to establish in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness. It is an important step to being able to flow Infinite Intent to every level of life, incidentally to establishing a self-sovereign life of flourishing. From doing it actively for the last eight months, much has activated in the body, (including four new Etheric Meridians of higher manifestation), that establishes us in our true home that is of a higher order reality from which to engage only the real. So it has revealed the true secrets of manifesting higher life, by establishes the ‘space or expression’ for our reality, and it’s not at all obvious!

For those who feel the call to step up in self-impeccability and self-empowerment, the process will assist you in fulfilling highest destiny of becoming the Guardians of Space and of Time, where space and time become inseparable and emanate from your being, revealing a magical life of graceful support that acts as proxy for reality at large. There are no battles to fight, save the one for self-transparency that enables the Power of the One to move life through you. All is to be found within, including the power to bring to balance the reality of man in this last cycle, and thus prepare it to move into higher expression.

The SCP takes a bit of setup, and utilizes the power of gemstones that have been upgraded by the Seer for this purpose.   You will learn all about this in the program. All gemstones needed can be purchased in a full package, or in single pieces, and they come with Power Sigils that greatly cleanse, heal, and upgrade their powers. (See the Gemstone Alchemy portal for more details on the main gemstones used.)

Gemstone alchemy is foundational in the setup, because it is the alchemy of light, frequency, and matter, and when upgraded, the gemstones can support incorruptible, aware, holy Matter in measure as we embody in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness. Gemstone alchemy is foundation to everything, including opening up the sluices of abundant returns, regeneration, and receiving clear guidance from our environment.

The Quartz crystals in the SCP packages have been completely upgraded to re-establish telepathic communication in humanity, and restore a true history that has not been manipulated by shadow — clarity and stillness in mind is but one of the side-effects. As part of the package, you will receive a process to no longer be receptive to distorted messaging that happens primarily in sleep.

The beauty of it all is that as we establish full communication with our environment as the Self, the intercommunication becomes the new source of energy, and results in life being renewed in each moment. Regeneration, being our own source of sustenance, and being the sovereign of our realities become one and the same.

The Space Clearing Program can be engaged in two primary ways, and anywhere in between.

Option 1: Being on the Receiving End of Daily Blessings

At this level of engagement, you setup the physical components of alchemy in your home or room, and daily you receive the many ongoing blessings that come your way.  The blessings come from a daily protocol performed by all who are  stepping up as Guardians of Space and of Time.   Your space will be kept pristine, and all within its fluid boundaries will be blessed. This is achieved through the protocol blessings as well as the activated gemstones used to establish a pocket of space–a reality outside of control by the unreal. 

With elite quartz crystal, shungite, selenite, amber, and black tourmaline on special power sigils and stacks, we establish a reality on a different vibrational level…a sacred sanctuary of peace, where you will be able to hear your own thoughts and feel your own emotions. This space will also become increasingly powerful at magnetizing to you, a real environment along paths of true destiny.  Some recommended practices are given, but the engagement is simple. 

Who is this for?

  • Those who are ill and need support and space to heal.
  • Those who wish to have protection from controlling and distorting influences of 5G, EMF pollution, geopathic stress, and all manner of infiltration.

The product to choose in this case is the ‘Travel and Ritual 4-corners kit‘ from the product menu (Space Clearing Protocol Kits).

Option 2: Stepping up as Guardians of Space and of Time (Full Engagement)

You may feel the call directly, or you may be tired of focusing on the negative horrors playing out from deceit in all areas of life. At some point, you become colored by overfocus, and your sense of disempowerment actually powers up the unreal. And that point is where a new choice can be made, which is to step up as the living solution.  This level of engagement is an ‘inside job’ that takes commitment, but you can also do it to any level you feel inspired to, and you will still receive the daily blessings. The full process involves a daily ritual and much greater mindfulness henceforth. 

And where you may be lacking context, all resources will eventually be made available through the Academy of Alchemy, to deepen on the path of awakening to self-sovereign empowered living.

With this level of engagement, you step up as active participant in a growing network that is establishing ‘pockets’ of higher reality across the planet, and the insights gained will be instantly communicated through the activated Quartz. According to Almine, Quartz is the “terminal of communication, “the regent and history keeper of the kingdom, the steward over the most evolved, and the bringer of balance to the roles and wellbeing of the kingdom it is the guardian over. It is an ancient stone on Earth“.

Quartz is to the mineral kingdom the way the grandmother tree is to the other trees in the forest.” And the newly restored and activated Quartz is the gemstone used to support this higher intercommunication network in service to the Infinite Mother. 

We are establishing a network of intercommunication that flows truth — true history and true potential — , through embodying more and more, in the Fluid Geometry of Wholeness. Recommendations for deepening in this work will also be given.

Who is this for?

  • Those wishing to fulfill highest destiny and act as proxy for all life.
  • Those wishing to accelerate awakening and establish a self-sovereign reality.

There are also additional processes that are very powerful:

  • A process for practitioners wishing to support clients by creating pristine, healing space for them.
  • A process to create an elevated vibrational field around your bed, to support deep healing and manifestation of a higher reality through the night.

Supporting Loved Ones or Clients

There is also an option to set up the Space Clearing Healing for loved ones or for clients, when you are doing the full space clearing protocol yourself. The option is to get the basic SCP kit, and augment with the ‘Travel & Sacred Ritual 4-Corners Alchemy kit’. Details on how to support others through a daily ritual, are given in the product materials. Read more details on the product page.

How to Get Started?

Determine what level of engagement is best for you at this time. If you wish to discuss, send an email with some details.

If you wish to engage fully, you may purchase the basic or the deluxe SCP package. If you want specific sizes of gemstones, extra elite shungite, etc, email so that we can  customize your package.  The basic or deluxe package amount you purchased will be applied to the final cost once all the details are worked out.  Discounts apply on larger purchases, and we can discuss. A 15-minute zoom call will be included if you are doing a larger property, and/or doing the ritual for clients. We will do this you are ready to setup or have just setup and need guidance.

The General Package for the Space Clearing Protocol

  • Four Corners Alchemy with all gemstones and power stacks and sigils
  • Main Protection configuration of a large Elite Shungite chunk with power sigil and stack to clear 5G, EMF pollution, and restore air quality, with a large Selenite Sphere (to absorb al hostile waveforms), Quartz cluster wiht power sigil to amplify the alchemy and support telepathic communication with the ‘real’. All 3 on power sigils and a selenite plate to keep it all at highest vibe.
  • Power Stacks amplified by quartz sphere and clusters. The Q-sphere is used for intercommunication across the Space Clearing Network. There is a main ceremony power stack, and one for Clarity and one for Purity.
  • Power Sigils to spiritualize material possessions and upgrade their vibe to match the pristine space / For plants and pets to have them in sync with the higher reality
  • Power stacks and elite shungite for all devices (WiFi, fuse box, computers, phones, TV, to sleep with, etc)
  • Activated Quartz on a special Power Stack to heal and activate the crystals in the brain to attune to the real only
  • Special alchemical ‘box’ for the fridge, to purify food with power sigils and elite shungite
  • Pendant with a power stack and all the 4-corner gemstones (has been made into a power object to carry your sacred space with you, wherever you go)
  • Materials: PDFs on the Space Clearing protocol, the Harmonizer, etc, webinar recordings, video for the setup (in progress)


  • Additional pieces of elite shungite may be ordered, to place in bedrooms where a person may have disturbed sleep
  • Additional selenite spheres may be place in gathering spaces (also peach sphere is absorb emotional negativity)
  • Triangle boxes to set up on an altar for healing loved ones, or in home of a loved one (for the aged or ill). 


** Full Engagement – Basic package is USD$375

** Full Engagement Deluxe is $625

** Alchemical power wheels and stacks and Space Clearing Materials only – $250

** Custom packages – email to get started

** Receive Daily Protection and Blessings Only – 4-Corners alchemy – $275 (comes with audio meditations)

** 4-Corners alchemy for travel a/o for sacred ritual on loved ones and clients $150 (included in the deluxe package)

Whatever your engagement, you will be included in the Space Clearing Protocol done daily by all participants, and will receive continuous space clearing and blessings — that is on top of the protection from the upgraded gemstones and alchemy.

Go to the product page for details, and to place your order: Space Clearing Product Page

People ask…

Can I use my own gemstones?

Yes you may, but you will have to prep them so they are alchemically upgraded. I work on the gemstones using the Bird Clock and the process to create power objects. So that is what I recommend you do, in addition to having the gemstones sit on alchemical power sigils with focus on one gemstone for a day, before setting things up. You will read about the properties in the PDFs, and you can work with that as you set clear intentions for the gemstones. 

A consideration is often the shipping of heavy packages. But the prices of the elite shungite is quite a bit lower than most places, and in most cases the savings more than covers any shipping costs, even if expensive.

Can I customize the Package?

Yes, send an email for that. Many people get the package then decide they want more elite shungite or selenite spheres…larger pieces of amber, etc. Generally the larger the stone the more powerful it is, but even the smaller ones are powerful because of the alchemical upgrade and power sigil. The physical/material level is very important in the space clearing, as we are working to spiritualize matter as well. 

Further Discussion…

We are told that the gods among men have been entrusted with safeguarding of the boundaries of space. In keeping space pristine and fluid, time as the movement of awareness through fluid space, can then move in step with divine synchronicity, and evolution becomes a graceful unfolding of ever higher harmonics being expressed in form. When this is achieved, the true purpose of life is revealed, and timespace becomes a pristine fabric of existence… a canvas upon which Infinite Intent plays out through its beings. Life is no longer hostile, and all beings may safely explore and thrive.

While opposition is the main force of evolution in the dream of separation, hostility was not the Divine Intent for the womb or incubation phase for the Earth and her creatures. However, as all is perfection, the infiltration served to reveal the depth of presence that is ours to permeate, and that depth is where we will find the most precious gifts of our unfathomable vastness. The time to begin this profound self-assimilation and reclamation of our vastness and power is at hand.

The nefarious ones have had their plans to create an even more depraved, dystopian sub-creation within the hacked reality thwarted, and now we are in a phase of restoring the integrity of spacetime and cleaning up the mess and distortions they wrought on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of life on Earth. The specific effects of doing this will be different in each of us, as we each have a unique part of the Infinite to bring into expression; yet the general effect will be that we stand in our power and purpose.

The Space Clearing Protocol is designed for this purpose, and its full effect is revealing as we deepen in it. Those who do the alchemy daily are stepping in their role as Guardians of Space and of Time, the Givers of the Movement and Measure on the planet, and our presence felt on Earth will mitigate the Earth’s sense of being alone and abandoned in carrying the burdens of memories of atrocities perpetrated on Her Being.

Imagine a network of light from awakened ones doing a daily ritual that eventually creates harmonic resonance to the true Dream of the Infinite, and all who are participating, having their spaces filled with these powerful frequencies that shape the New Reality. And as their spaces are expressed anew, so too their bodies will be lifted into coherence and higher harmonics. Imagine a new humanity being seeded through this process.

To fulfill this present mandate of reclaiming our Home and repairing space/time we must engage the material level of life with reverence and awareness, creating beauty wherever we go.

This is why the Space Clearing Protocol utilizes physical gemstones and requires physical setup – by engaging their power and qualities, we are awakening the mineral kingdom within, and evolving the capacities of gemstones to step up and sing their beautiful tones on Earth, which will activate the magic within, and restore flourishment for all on the planet.

Gemstone alchemy is a very high alchemy of Light, Frequency, and Matter, through which all elements become one. And when we work with this triad, we have the foundation to manifest fluid form that is incorruptible and permeated with out awareness and intent. And so begins, a life of miracles.

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