Triangulation of Hope #4 ~ The Eternal Perspective unencumbered by human belief systems

Triangulation # 4 ~ The Eternal Perspective unencumbered by human belief systems

Simple Process

Set up the alchemical stack as given in The Daily Ritual to Set up Spaces of Hope page. Contemplate on the 3 qualities in the triangle image above (and on the ToH card), and then feel the leveraged outcome that emerges from that, The Eternal Perspective unencumbered by human belief systems.

Carry the card with you to tune in during the day, wear the foot sigils if you wish, apply the Field of Hope oil to the Kidney-1 points under the feet, and let your Heart fill with Hope!

But there are layers of depth to explore, to increase the alchemical potency. Use the resources below for that.

Video Talks

For each Triangulation of Hope, you will find two videos in a series of 12. The first is the deeper dive video, where we go into the metaphysics of things. If you are new to this work, you may want to start with the lighter discussions and come back to the ‘Deeper Dive Series’ after you have been using the Triangulations in daily life. And even if you have been following this work for years, revisiting the metaphysical videos every now and again is very illuminating, as you will get more out of it each time…that just reveals the potency of this alchemy for self-change.

Deep Dive Talk

Triangulation #4 PDF – To come

Practical Application Talk ~ Living Triangulation #4 in Daily Life

Music Elixir ToH4

See the page on the Daily Ritual & Ceremony for suggestions on how to use the music elixirs in general. For this one in particular, expand awareness to the stillpoint of no time, whence flows the eternally new moment. Feel your multi- omni-dimensional awareness shaping perspectives through which may flow your envisioned new creations…Envision…know yourself as a mystery…life as a mystical playground stimulated into newness by your holy visions..

Correspondences to Weave Into the Triangulation (Advanced)

Alchemical weaving fills the ‘spaces’ between dimensions and strengthens the power of the alchemy. The Table of Triangulations of Hope has many correspondences in the first column, and this section elaborates on a few of them. As you do the Triangulations of Hope daily or as inspired, you can go deeper by brining in new elements to broaden or refine your focus. This part is recommended only after you grasp the basics of the Alchemy of Hope with the Triangulations.

Principle of Hope #4

The Principle of Hope that corresponds to this ToH is “Relishing Creativity’s contribution to everyday activities.“, Part of the powers of Spleen meridian is to receive the sweetness of life, in full recognition of our role in downstepping the soothing embrace of the Mother into Her Creation. We live a timeless existence and unwaveringly follow our heart’s inner knowing, understanding that we are revealing the ‘playground’ of life’s beauty and benevolence…It is a holy place for spontaneous becoming of Mother’s Children.

Insight of Harmlessness + Keys on the Map of Outer and Inner Space of the Infinite

Here’s a contemplation for when you wish to bring new elements into the Triangulations of Hope and leverage the alchemy,

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