Triangulation of Hope #3 ~ Self-trust of the ability to manifest Intent

Triangulation # 3 ~ Self-trust of the ability to manifest Intent

Triangulation of Hope #3 video talk

We first discuss the sequence from Triangulation #1 to #3, to give a clear context for the importance of mastering the reality of the Stomach meridian, and its ability to engage in the details of material existence, from the contraction of individuation without losing a sense of our vastness. Mastering the material must come from the vastness if we are to spiritualize matter.  Individuation uses the vastness to manifest divine intent in life. ..

True Matter that builds the hologram for self-seeing is the gift of physicality–the place of individuation as an expression of Infinite Source.

Stomach meridian brings the power to be self-determined, as our gift to creation is our uniqueness as an aspect of the One Life.

Practical Application Talk ~ Living Triangulation #3 in Daily Life

Triangulation #3 PDF – To come

Music Elixir ToH3

See the page on the Daily Ritual & Ceremony for suggestions on how to use the music elixir.

The Principle of Hope that corresponds to this ToH is “Avoiding comparisons as a measure of excellence“, which speaks clearly to the Stomach’s power of being self-determined…self-authorized. In becoming accountable only to the Source of our Existence, we measure excellence by our courageous alignment with highest sensed truth, and know that the originality of our uniqueness cannot be found shared standards or collective values…our unique essence can only come from within…

Triangulation #3 PDF – To come

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