Triangulation of Hope #2 ~ Awareness of Self-Vastness

Triangulation of Hope #2 ~ Awareness of Self-Vastness

Video Talks

For each Triangulation of Hope, you will find two videos in a series of 12. The first is the deeper dive video, where we go into the metaphysics of things. If you are new to this work, you may want to start with the lighter discussions and come back to the ‘Deeper Dive Series’ after you have been using the Triangulations in daily life. And even if you have been following this work for years, revisiting the metaphysical videos every now and again is very illuminating, as you will get more out of it each time…that just reveals the potency of this alchemy for self-change.

Deep Dive Talk

In Triangulation #2, we let go of the obsolete and open to the real by embracing our vastness in all inclusiveness. The Hidden Realms hold our Magic, and as we let go of the old and static, we can be filled with the gifts of magic in our inner being that lead us beyond the human paradigm and into our true home in Source, where there is perpetual regeneration and newness.

This second Triangulation corresponds to Large Intestine Meridian that is receptive to all possibilities by gathering gems of empowerment from and and letting go of the obsolete. From this, we enter into perpetual regeneration. Its qualities or powers are: receptiveness to the new, decisions of empowerment, and transmutational purification.

It is in transmutational purification as we immerse deeply in the moment’s inspiration for newness, that we release resources trapped in density, which goes to ‘physicalize’ the hidden realms. When they have more ‘substance’, their magic can land more deeply in the physical and bring so many benefits to life. From this, their powers activate in us and we feel enhanced, embodied power to manifest greater still.

Practical Application Talk ~ Living Triangulation #2 in Daily Life

Triangulation #2 PDF – To come

Music Elixir ToH2

The music elixir is alchemically activating sound. This one assists in communication with the hidden realms, known as the “Realms of Innocence”. They are so named because to communicate with and receive their cooperation and magical gifts requires that we be without agenda and fully devotional to the Divine Mother, just as they are. We must have mastered emotion, so that we are in equanimity and never reactive in life.

See the page on the Daily Ritual & Ceremony for suggestions on how to use the music elixir.

Principle of Hope #2

The Principle of Hope that corresponds to ToH2 is “Relying on effortless genius to silence doubts about capabilities“. To live beyond mortal boundaries and move into the unknown takes mastery over the mind that resists the unknown…Genius can only arise with cultivated stillness of mind, as it is the Infinite’s Inspiration of higher solutions, and this arises when we let of all limitation.

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