Sigil Sheets to keep FA oils at Full Alchemical Potency

Print double-sided for easy reference, and have a laminated copy (or use a plastic protector)  to place your oils on. You may want to set up your oils somewhere where they won’t be disturbed.

The sigils are ordered according to the standard application sequence for dispelling the 8 main illusions of the 8 extraordinary meridians.

The Eight  Extraordinary Meridians Booklet

This booklet has alchemical equations to dispel the eight main illusions that keep the matrices of the eight directions in place. As we clear the illusions and soak in higher principles, life becomes more fluidic–reshaping to our expanding consciousness.  We will be working to collapse the directions during the program. In mindlessness, we can live in the 9th direction of ‘through’–wherein all polarities are lived as a seamless whole.

The Eight Extraordinary Meridian Protocol

Paired Meridians:

To stimulate an extraordinary meridian, you apply its FA oil to its master and coupled points, which activates the meridian along with its paired meridian. There are four extraordinary meridian pairs.

  • Activation of all 8 EMs, requires that you apply the oil to the master/coupled points for each one.  For example, when stimulating the Yin Stepping Vessel, the master point is K-6 and the coupled point is Lu-7. 
  • Therefore, to activate all 8 EMs, you apply the alchemical oils to 16 points–8 on each side of the body.
  • All points are on wrists/hands or ankle/feet
  • For women, the master point it stimulated on the right side, and the coupled on the left side. The opposite holds for men.

Applying the 8-oil protocol to dispel illusions

The 8-oil application gets easier the more you do it!  The general recommendation is that women apply the oils for all master points on the right side, and all coupled points to the left side. Men would do the opposite way, But you can do as you feel to.

Full 20 Meridian Protocol for Trauma Clearing

If you also have the 12-oil kit for the ordinary meridians,  you may wish to do the trauma clearing protocol for an extended time (a few times per week for 4 weeks might be good to do). We must clear the stories from eons of separation, so even if you have not experienced trauma in this lifetime, it is held in the tissues of the body. And being witness to horrific events through the media is also traumatic. It is therefore recommended that you work with FA to clear trauma.  The FA protocol is given in the short pdf by Almine, below.

If you have deep trauma, another recommendation is the Shrihat Satva yoga of Illumination by the Seer Almine. It is profound and will clear deeply when practiced over time. Another powerful and comprehensive trauma clearing product is the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Trauma Clearing Program and Kit. The Rose Quartz yoni eggs (for women), and RQ heart guasha (the alternative for men), have been blessed by the Seer, to clear the trauma from the body.

Process: Apply all 20 oils as indicated in the pdf, and do the exercises to Eliminate the Gaps between the Breath, given in the excerpt (from Clearing/Purification Visualizations with Angel Elixir), below.

The protocol is simple: do the 12-oil protocol for the 12 ordinary meridians, followed by the 8-oil process of application, as given in the video clips, but with a new sequence of FA oils. The different oils for each protocol are given in the table.

Apply the oils to the correct point locations, and then follow with the meditation to eliminate the gaps between the breath.

Eliminating the Gaps between the Breaths

In the gaps all trauma is stored.

Stimulating the 8-extra meridians with the Song of Joy

The extraordinary meridians respond to the vibration of joy, and an additional protocol that can be done on occasion is to apply the FA oils Song of Joy, on the full 16-point circuit of the extraordinary meridians. Think of it as 4 circuits with 2 meridians, as there are two points through a circuit.

16-Point Circuit through the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

** Ren Vessel ~ Right Lu-7 / Left K-6 Yin Stepping Vessel Right K-6 / Left Lu 7
**Du Vessel ~ Right SI-3/ Left UB-62 Yin Stepping Vessel Right UB-62 / Left SI-3
**Penetrating Vessel  ~ Right Sp-4/ Left P-6 Yin Linking  Vessel  Right P-6 / Left Sp-4
**Belt Vessel ~ Right GB-41 / Left TW-5 Yang Linking Vessel Right TW-5 /Left GB-41

For women, the master point is typically stimulated on the right side, and the coupled point on the left side. The opposite holds for men.