What is a High Alchemist?

It’s not just a fancy title – A High Alchemist is one who has gone through intense and devoted purification over many years of practice using precise alchemical sequences laid out through the Holy Tools of the Infinite Mother, and is thus able to utilise the vehicle of their own being as a component in an alchemical equation intended to leverage life to a higher order.

This qualification is not bestowed on anyone, but refers to one who has done sufficient practice and passed through the necessary consciousness gates. Thus, this terminology is something we regard with utmost seriousness and respect, and when we speak of High Alchemy, we are referring with much reverence in our hearts to the true meaning of this term, and with dedication to upholding the sacred standard of such a high level of personal and spiritual mastery.

Through our work here, we aim to be beacons of what this standard should ideally represent, and to safeguard the purity of this holy path in a world that is rife with low standards of spiritual integrity and unearned titles cast around with little regard for the meaning behind them. We hope through the sacred offerings on this site, to support a new order of those dedicated to the path of High Alchemy; where years down the line there may be many who serve together in Temple communities as we once did in ancient past.

The calling to this path…

This is not a path you can walk half-heartedly or in “weekend warriorship”, it is a path of full-bodied dedication with every fibre of yourself to a higher reality where all that belongs to the matrices of the past is cast aside in humility and willingness to surrender the belief systems of the personal self.

For those who are called to the path of serious and dedicated high spiritual mastery, we offer High Alchemist training. For now, you are welcome to email us here to enquire for details on how to get started. In the future, we will have pre-made journeys that you can subscribe to according to your own starting point and specific area of most inspired focus.

Many of the gemstone alchemy products on our site are activated by Anita Lucia, who is dedicated to the path, and has spent over 30 years as a student of metaphysics, and 10 of those to working intensively on mastering the advanced alchemical power tools given to us by the Seer Almine, which lift one into a state of existence far beyond the spiritual masses where true freedom from aeons-old illusions is found.

Several of our products are activated by the Seer Almine herself, and these are listed as such.

While you can certainly activate your own tools if you wish, the sensitive will find that those activated by one who has been devoted to the path of High Alchemy are exponentially more powerful in their capacity to liberate from illusion, and this extra power will be very much appreciated as a healing blessing by the discerning buyer.