Quartz Crystal – Gemstone of Tonal Luminosity that Dissolves Untruth on the Planet

Quartz is one of the most ubiquitous and versatile stones on the planet — it is the gemstone that establishes the communication pathways to all the Earth’s creatures, and its proper use will help evolve humanity out of the current dystopian world has now begun with our activated Quartz.

According to the Seer, Quartz crystal is the Regent of the gemstones, as it communicates Infinite Intent throughout the kingdom over which it presides, which in turn impacts the Song of the Earth that supports the well-being of all earthly creatures.

Quartz is the gemstone of Tonal Luminosity, and we are told that sound and light ‘shooting’ through the crystal on the planet, produces ‘tremendous energy’. The Arcturians have shared that because of this, there can be no shortage of energy on the planet. When asked when we will see ‘free energy’ technologies on the planet, the Seer replied that those technologies will no longer be able to be suppressed when the major lightbearers on Earth have recognized their source of all sustenance to be within. And it is from Tonal Luminosity flowing through the fluid crystalline body that will make this a reality.

But Tonal Luminosity is much more than this — it is the real, living Light that cannot be separated from its matching frequency — it is light that is perceptible to the soul, and tone that is visible to the spirit, and this ‘substance’ is what the true body holds. In Tonal Luminosity, all the unreal and the obsolete disappears and makes way for a higher vibrational reality. Untruth cannot exist where there is Tonal Luminosity. And Quartz crystal has the capacity to flow this highly refined light in support of the Ray of Truth permeating the planet.

Our activated Quartz crystals and protocols/ceremonies done with them, is how we will reclaim the communication channels on Earth, and establish infinite energy and resources in support of the flourishment of all beings.

Quartz holds the greatest power of all gemstones to receive, store, and emit light (information), and it is also a powerful amplifier of energies. It is very responsive to intent, and so ‘programmable’. Owing to this, it is the gemstone tasked with holding the history of the cycles to support all beings on the planet along optimal paths. But because of its ability to be programmed and its great amplification power, coupled with the fact that Quartz is found everywhere, it has been used in many technologies with less than altruistic intent — in fact, it has been and is being used for nefarious intent to control life on the planet. The whole ‘smart city’ push relies on quartz, as do technologies for stealth warfare, and for mind and emotion control of humanity. All these misuses have disrupted true history held in planetary quartz, and have hindered communication to and from Source and so also, communication across the Kingdoms of nature. The Kingdoms in separation, have become increasingly weakened and are under grave attack.

Telepathy of a Race and Its Evolution

Why the disruption of true history is so important is that through the diverse insights of shared experiences, the race of man would develop telepathy and the ability to perceive diversity as a great benefit — all divisiveness would come to an end, and an era of brother/sisterhood would take hold. When in telepathic communication, interference and mind control become impossible (via the principle of ‘united we stand’). Every time humanity was moving toward greater freedom over that ages past, the malevolent ones would orchestrate a catastrophic event to wipe out the magnetic component in man (memory) and lower consciousness. Mankind has felt less than all other races, and so had looked up to the technologically advanced races. But were true history to arise in memory, mankind would know themselves as the root race of all races, and would take up their place as the evolved race that is their destiny encoded in the DNA. All the technological advances in external life, mankind has the seeds of that and more, in the inner technology of the body.

The true body is a fluid crystalline field, and restoring the Quartz on the planet is part of how we activate the inner technology — they happen in tandem, as the inner technology is such that as within, so without…What we achieve in our bodies changes life externally…We are told that man faces a fork in the road:

“In man slumbers the seed of great advancement. Would he use it to build the life-enhancing inner technology of godhood? Or would he squander it by building dependency on destructive external technology? Through seeing the effects of such a choice, will man be advanced.” Principle of Hope #20 received by the Seer

The misuse of this ‘mission-critical’ gemstone is now coming to an end as the lightbearers reclaim the Earth our Home. The powers of the healed and activated Quartz crystals are tremendous, and these gemstones can begin to manifest their powers in individuals, supporting them to attune to the New Reality. Abundance, well-being, and recognized paths of destiny are but some of the gifts that the activated Quartz has to offer.

“May the fields of memory held in the fields of the Quartz be kept pristine. For thus it has been decreed by the Angelgod of Quartz through the Mother Crystal.” Translation of the words on the Power Sigil

Quartz communicates with the crystals in the human brain, and the crystalline structures in the bodies of evolved beings. When it is fully healed and in service to life benevolent, a new levels of abundant flourishment will be experienced.

With all Quartz pieces, you will receive its Power Sigil to keep it at the higher vibration of the New Reality, clear abuses, transmit true history, and much more. All Power Sigils are received by the incomparable Seer, Almine, who accesses information and alchemical activations directly from Source. You will also receive a PDF that contains additional information about the powers of quartz at this time, so you will know how best to put it to use.

With specific products, you will get additional processes and alchemy to support what the product offers. You can explore further about the crystal’s amazing contributions to healing the planet on the Quartz product pages. It is truly astounding to find that in cooperative engagement with the gemstone Kingdom, everything on the planet can be restored to the divine creational blueprints, and all can attune to a reality outside of the ‘captured’ matrix that is headed toward a dystopian future.

We are following the path to a new reality of arising frequency, or the Divine Feminine, wherein the real light can be discerned from the artificial, through deep body feeling. And the Ray of Truth will be experienced on Earth and expose the unreal, to an ever increasing degree! Activated Quartz has a big role to play in this…

You are encouraged to explore the uses of activated Quartz and other gemstones in the various programs and protocols offered.