Luminous One,

If you are new to the kind of materials we are sharing through this platform or have been around for a while but really just beginning to dip your toes in, we’d like to highlight that this is a truly vast and sprawling body of work that can take many years to get to grips with!

We find that many coming to this work for the first time tend to feel a little overwhelmed and like they personally are struggling to grasp it all – but we assure you this is quite normal! Not only is a huge body of work, but much of the terminology is in the realm of the unfamiliar.

When something has not been part of the known reality of life on Earth for a long time, it takes a little while for it to filter fully through our consciousness and feel comfortable. Rest assured however, that this does happen eventually, and the key is to take it little piece by little piece and simply enjoy exploring the areas that you are most drawn to….

We have taken great care to lay out the resources shared through this site in bite-size accessible formats so that it’s possible to jump in from any level and feel like there is something to gain, and we will be continuing to build out modular sequences of study and training that make such a vast change in perspective as what is offered through this work as digestible and practical as possible, and easily integrated into daily life with obvious and immediate benefits.

No matter where you are on your journey, if you work devotedly with these materials over time, you will stabilise and elevate yourself to higher levels of expression. 

All it takes is the decision to allow yourself to be lifted through grace, and leave the paradigm of thinking that the journey beyond the matrices of old needs to be tread alone in the long, slow and linear hard way.

We are entering into times of rapturous absolution of all that has been, and everyone is invited.

We invite you to continue on this journey with us, and to receive at your own pace according to your very unique journey and covenant with life.

It is a privilege to be here with you and to serve you 💖

If you would benefit from being part of a loving and support community to be part of through this journey, check out our Bringers of Hope offering 😊